Suggestions on food sources for K2?

Do any of you use food sources for K2? I am eating brie and gouda cheese because I seem to have issues with the supplements. Would appreciate any insights.

Anna Wyatt
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Alimentos fermentados como el chucrut ...

Ivonn Glass

Good! I eat a naturally fermented sauerkraut every day!

Robyn Myrick 3 years

I have to be careful with fermented foods but I do eat quite a bit of cabbage.

Nicki Rush

El repollo solo tiene vitamina K que no es la K2 importante diferencia

Ivonn Glass 3 years

Oh great, well I can't eat dairy or fermented foods right now. Not sure what to do... Maybe I'll have to try a supplement Now I feel depressed - like I can't win whatever I do. Not your fault of course.

Nicki Rush 3 years

Es muy sencillo hacer chucrut, si tenes repollo y sal, en internet te lo explican claramente, suerte

Ivonn Glass 3 years

Sorry I didn't make it clear - I can't eat fermented food like sauerkraut because I have histamine intolerance.

Nicki Rush 3 years

Nicki Rush lamento hay que seguir pensando ...

Ivonn Glass 3 years
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From what I have read there are only two foods that have K2 which are the Gouda cheese and a Japanese food Natto please correct me if I'm wrong

Helen Wright

This article suggests there are some others although some contain only very small amounts:

Nicki Rush 3 years

Wow thanks for that

Helen Wright 3 years

Thanks! Is cottage cheese "cheese curd"? He says it is an excellent source of Vitamin K2. I can't find natto anywhere around here.

Anna Wyatt 3 years

How about capers?

Daphne Lange

Gouda cheese is gouda! Just bought some yesterday because of ths calcium content. I didn't kniw about the k2 too. Yay.

Patty Whitfield