Stress is a trigger for rheumatoid arthritis, how can I manage my stress level?

Knowing 'stress' is an RA trigger, I'd love to know how everyone manages their stress levels. I've started doing Bikram yoga, but I'm not sure if it's helping yet.

Hayley Crowder
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Bible Study - Sermons from known Pastor's - Phone games - Vincent Price movies

Karla Campbell

Swimming, breathing exercises, mindfulness, EFT, body scan, progressive muscle relaxation, spending time in nature, praying, music:-) stress is so tough

Stefanie Clay

Breathing is big. Relaxation exercises, hypnosis downloads, soothing affirmations.

Badria Mcknight

I’ve tried yoga

Sybil Burgos


Justine Sheldon

Yoga nidra it’s a guided meditation, and walks in the park.

Jennifer Burrell

It's extra difficult because stress is a trigger but RA is stressful to live with. Double-edged sword.

KMarie Langley


Caren Comer 3 years

Deep breaths and venting

Elizabeth Hoffman

Meditation, deep breathing, psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, medical marijuana (CBD is great for anxiety and PTSD), grounding (spending time) in nature, homeopathy (doctor gives me remedies to help with emotional turmoil), daily exercise, clean eating - avocados are extremely nurturing when you need a hug! But even with all of this, it can still be challenging the second I have to drive or deal with people!

Kristen Frost

I do a guided meditation every day for an hour.. You can just google guided meditation and choose a different one as you go xx

Donna Garland

i wish i could get at meditating

Nathan Tovar 3 years

nathan that is what is so wonderful about guided meditations. They do the hard work for you. All you have to do is lie down and follow the instructions. I used to think meditation was a difficult thing because when I asked questions I was told "oh, you just shut down thinking" and things like that. I'd close my eyes and try not to have thoughts and my mind would race. Then I learnt it's more about paying attention. You pay attention to your breathing or some other sensation in your body eg feeling your toes. And if your mind wanders on to something else you just gently brung it back to focussing on your breath or toes. And the more you do it, the easier it gets. Guided meditations talk you through it but after you've done them for a while you can do it yourself. For me, after years of yoga and breathing exercises, meditation is a sanctuary. It's where I can just be and I am ok, I use it to handle pain. I use it to deal with insomnia (I get tinnitus so when it is loud I f und the guided meditations really useful to direct me away from the squeal of the tinnitu). Best wishesstart what you can when you canto get the skills and they will be always at your disposal and sometimes even a salvation at the toughest of times.

Bee Welch 3 years

Eliminate what is complicated, simplify your life, sleep well and exercise. Hot yoga is my preferred method, I don't like Bikram actually, it hurts more than helps. I use cannabis for sleep.

Yoli Cisneros

I love horses. Smelling them cuddling them and riding them

Sim Avery

And drivving my awesome car

Sim Avery 3 years

Meditation and exercise for sure! I'm a medical student and I have a lot to do. What really helped me was making a schedule for every single day. I plan my studying, exercise and rest, and knowing that I'll get everything done on time really helps with the stress.

Cecilie Johns

Honestly and I gotta tell you straight away I am a yoga teacher. Idk if bikram yoga is your best bet. It's heated excessively which can allow your body to stretch beyond its normal or safe range. I won't get into how I feel about bikram choudry lol. Yoga can be wonderful! Personally I'd try something a little less hot and slightly less intense to start. Oh and yes I have RA and yoga has been my saving grace! I actually landed a chin stand for the first time yesterday, so anything is possible namaste!

Heather Bateman

I actually looking at yoga studios and am a bit confused. Is there any type of yoga you would especially recommend for a beginner with RA?

Ingibjörg Mccullough 3 years

Well if you are an absolute beginner maybe look and see if any yoga studios near you have "beginner" classes. I practice vinyasa style yoga 6 days a week and it is heated which is nice but it's not heated to the extreme like bikram, we keep it at about 86ish degrees. Vinyasa yoga is a flow of movement from one pose into the next almost a moving meditation, it can be as gentle or as challenging as you make it. A good place to start however would be a "gentle", "beginner" or level one vinyasa class. Heated or not but just not too hot as you don't want to over stretch or over manipulate your joints.

Heather Bateman 3 years

Oh and it's always to get there early for your first class and talk with the instructor, tell them about your condition and any joints that might be particularly troublesome, then they can help you find particular modifications that will work for your body and also tell you anything you might want to avoid.

Heather Bateman 3 years

Thanks. Heather Bateman. Good read. I do hot yoga and it can be so hot. I will try normal yoga

Efe Travis 3 years

Yes look for either "warm" or unheated classes! Unheated classes are actually becoming more and more popular so more studios are starting to offer them. The "gentle" unheated class at my studio is actually one of our most popular classes!

Heather Bateman 3 years
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Lifting heavy things, I’d be lost without the gym. And puppies

Amy Carlisle

Stress hits me pretty hard. When able I do gentle yoga. Recently I’ve been attending a meditation class. I’m starting my day with meditation. The jury is out still

Jean Ho

I do pool exercises each morning while praying and clearing my mind of all negative energy. It does wonders for my body and soul.

Martha Thacker

Working out, swimming, long walks, aromatherapy are all my go to stress relievers.

Mimi Arnold

Praying to the God Lord I know he is going to get me through everything along with praying I use YoungLiving essential oils Peace and Calming, Sacred Frankincense, Stress Away, and Joy!!!

Elizabeth Huffman


Winny Villarreal

Meditation and shooting

Julie Powell

Shooting is incredibly meditative

Yoli Cisneros 3 years

I was only recently diagnosed but the chronic fatigue has been with me for years. I couldn't keep up so quit my full time job more than four years ago. I've only worked part time since then at a much less stressful job. Now working part time at my friend's horse barn. The physical work is so good for my body even though it can be hard to get my muscles into it. Being outside with horses is huge therapy for me. When I think about going back to s desk job with deadlines and pressure I feel just sick at the idea. I know not everyone can afford to make such drastic changes but I am certain doing so saved me. At the very least I'm sure it delayed the progression.

Laura Ponce

I smoke pot! It helps a lot. I also have a lot of hot baths. I've cut out anyone or anything that causes stress in my life except my own kids. Unfortunately this includes my mother. I cannot deal with the flares that come after a fight!!

Deja William

Chickens. I have pet chickens and I sit outside with them for fun.

Jennifer Keene

This is how I see myself


Jennifer Keene 3 years


Joyce Gallegos

I am slowly but surely changing my attitude to "I don't give a sh! T" (please excuse my French). Problems at work? It's either customer's problems or the boss's. Not mine. I'm doing my job, and I know I'm doing it well, but I stopped worrying if something doesn't go as planned. Friends and family? I either fix it or tell them I can't and possibly offer solution. Once I give an answer I mentally close the case... Easy to do? Of course not! But I'm getting there! Oh, and also, pet a cat or two

Juliana Hagen