Sandals / flip flops recommendations for the patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I'm trying to find a really comfortable pair of sandles/flip flops. I'm currently living in my trainers and we're having a bit of a heat wave here in England so looking for something a bit prettier - does anyone have any suggestion? What works for you?

Chloe Kennedy
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Check out OOfos. They are so comfortable.

Kristen Boudreaux

They are the BEST! I just bought a second pair.

Cathy Sheridan 3 years

Have you tried their sneaker version. I have been wanting to try them. Just have the flip flops and clogs for winter.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

I have the black sandals and they are amazing!

Jennie Andrews 3 years

Jennie Andrews just bought the black thongs and love them so much I ordered a pair of slides. Cant wait to get them. If they are great too I might try the sneakers.

Cathy Sheridan 3 years

I was thinking about ordering the sneakers for fall and winter... feet are cold no matter what. I even wore these sandals last winter some. I just love that they dont cause extra swelling like some of my other shoes do.

Jennie Andrews 3 years
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This brand is heaven for my feet:

Tokopa Hubbard

I get new balance flip flops they support my feet

Angelena Delgado

I have to have something very squishy on the bottom. DAWGS
Not very sexy but a little cute! Lol!

Annette Rangel

Love sanuk bc they are made from yoga mats

Sara Woodard

Vionic and Alegria. Help so much and cute! The Alegria have rocker bottoms.

Mary Wynn

my sketcher flip flops are amazing

Julie Powell

Mine too!

Mary Wynn 3 years

Alergia shoes and they have a good sale going on right now.

Michele Koehler

Summer’s here in PNW, so I’ve been living in my Vionic High Tide flip flops. Great support for me

Clarissa Benson

Been wearing those most this summer.

Mary Wynn 3 years


Marybeth Malone

Second this!

Hay Earl 3 years

Birkenstocks alllll the way!!!!

Mims Rosen 3 years

Chacos. I LIVE in them year-round. They make sandals, sneakers, and boots. I just bought a pair of Chaco flip-flops two weeks ago after beating my feet up pretty badly hiking. I never want to take them off.

Caprice Meier

Best foot bed and arch support. They don't flex so much that my feet ache.


Caprice Meier 3 years

I have these and they are super comfy and cute!

Ashley Lester

Ashley Lester 3 years

My favorite are the Crocs Capri flip flops.

Stacey Huggins

UK here too. Ive got some Crocs sparkly flip flops. They don’t look like Crocs shoes. I also rate Nike sports flip flops as they are so well cushioned but they are not as pretty!

Victoria Kenney

Reef brand are very comfortable and corkys are really comfy too!

Tara Camacho

I live in my Merrill sport sandals in the summer!

Lauren Williamson

I have wide feet so it's hard for me to find comfy sandals, I am currently wearing the sport version (they are not cork and can get wet) of birkenstocks. They are incredibly comfortablel, and have a lot of support.

Crystal Connors

Thank you all for your suggestions... I've been having a good look at each pair suggested. Settled on some crocs for now but will let you know how I get on xo

Chloe Kennedy

Adidas sliders are super comfy and birkenstocks have some really lush designs

Mims Rosen

Just purchased some Vionic flip-flops. Cute and comfortable!

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Annette Costa


Marla Amos