Reviews on Borax

Who here uses Borax? Just read the borax conspiracy, good stuff, have been using 1/8th tsp daily .

Ryan Seymour
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What is it? Lol I have some that my daughter used to make slime. Iv always wondered what it actually is

Ayla Campbell

Do u use internally? And if u do why?

Notis Mclain

I use it internally to supplement with natural boron, something that has been removed from our diet

Ryan Seymour


Notis Mclain 3 years

Ryan Seymour

Won't let me see that web page. And if it can burn the skin wouldn't it harm your insides? Jw

Carla Mcqueen 3 years

Darlene Mayberry 3 years

Thank you

Carla Mcqueen 3 years

While borax is not violently toxic, it can cause skin reactions. Ingestion is also not advised, as even small amounts are not beneficial to human health. Around the house, it can be useful for cleaning, laundry brightening, and as an insecticide or pesticide. Borax is also used in the manufacture of fire retardants, antiseptics, and fungicides. In the laboratory, the compound may be used as a buffer for chemical reactions, since it is a non-reactive base and will keep chemical solutions stable.

Angelica Brewster 3 years

The studies above in that borax pdf say it’s no more toxic than table salt

Ryan Seymour 3 years
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Everyone has what they prefer and I love non toxic ways but to each his own.

Angelica Brewster

I've started on my first liter, for arthritis, about half way through, seems to be working, gunna try ORMUS next

Russell Schultz

FYI, I use 1tbl to a liter of filtered water, take 1 sip in mourning 1sip at night, I use Borax 20 mule team

Russell Schultz 3 years

In some countries (e. G. Australia, NZ, USA), borax can still be found in the laundry and cleaning sections of supermarkets. There is no "food-grade" borax available or necessary. The label usually states that it is 99% pure which is safe to use, and is the legal standard for agricultural grade borax. Up to 1% mining and refining residues are permitted. Boric acid, if available, may be used at about the dose of borax.

Angie Vickers

I get mine in the detergent section at walmart, Borax 20 mule team

Russell Schultz 3 years

I am very curious!! Who here does this?

Mandy Preston

me, it'll decalsifi your pituitary gland, also gets rid of floride

Russell Schultz 3 years

I do!

Sam Leach 3 years


Mandy Preston 3 years

Basically, to supplement with boron, something that is scarce in our diet now because of how good is grown

Ryan Seymour 3 years

I'm going to try some.
For some 45 years, I've used borax as a preservative and dermestid insect repellent, in taxidermy.

Linda Presley