Religion and its role in suppressing women

Religion plays a major role in suppressing women..

Kyle Crawford
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People who want to suppress woman will use anything at their disposal to do so, religion, politics, power, money. Just like people who are violent will use violence regardless of what excuse they use to justify it.

Ali Ware

Fair enough.

Kyle Crawford 3 years

many reasons are there but the main one is religion and theocracy.

Soi Norris 3 years

Let me tell you, "Religion is the worst form of violence"

Soso Jennings

It's coming along kicking and screaming but it's tardy at this junction of the end of the secular materialistic Age.

Richard Roach

Have you read the Urantia book.
It's great for this kind of stuff.
I bet you'd enjoy the History section.
Either way
GOD speed

Richard Roach

Haven't. I will look into it.

Kyle Crawford 3 years

I think you should brother It's quite the read

Richard Roach 3 years


Richard Roach 3 years

women plays a major role in suppressing women

Muhammad Childs


Kyle Crawford 3 years


Muhammad Childs 3 years

Islam has increased the value of women.

Doha İrvin

of course religion suppresses women, or at least all male centered ones do.

Phillip Cahill

ALL religions were created by men.

Adam Finch 3 years

only the religions of the past few thousand years. Most of the earlier ones were both created and run by women.

Phillip Cahill 3 years

of course they weren't nearly as formalized, either.

Phillip Cahill 3 years

nice eye patch, btw. I'm blind in my left eye, as well, and have yet to find a patch I like around here.

Phillip Cahill 3 years

God Created both genders He would never be unjust to any creation

Suppression and oppression is done to genders by humans and not God

Faiza Downs


Faiza Downs 3 years

I speak to many people daily and this is what I found

Faiza Downs 3 years

I'm from Bahrain

Faiza Downs 3 years

Take care bye

Faiza Downs 3 years

Not in islam

Zeeshan Orozco

on the contrary

Gabriel Moore 3 years

Gabriel Moore no not on the contrary

Zeeshan Orozco 3 years

Religion does not suppress women. Ignorant men suppress women. Real men are not intimidated by strong and educated women and this is why in Islam it is compulsory for every man and women to seek education.

AbdurRahman Hayden

I disagree.

Kyle Crawford 3 years

Kyle Crawford I stand by what i said. I am an ex Christian who became an atheist then accepted Islam after becoming an atheist. I became Sunni Muslim after being an atheist for many years. I have seen all perspectives and studied Islam thoroughly.

AbdurRahman Hayden 3 years

AbdurRahman Hayden. Im Deist.

Kyle Crawford 3 years

Kyle Crawford why?

AbdurRahman Hayden 3 years

AbdurRahman Hayden. It's the right choice for me.

Kyle Crawford 3 years
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It has played a crucial role in marriage you know the whole family unit and parenting which has probably been the biggest played in humans evolution leading to favor cognitive ability and not just physical ability

Troy Bonds

As they say, another dirty filthy religion orchestrated by dirty filthy men

Phil Hayes


William Reid

It is a documented fact that islam suppresses women in Australia

Phil Hayes

Ghulam Simms 3 years

Ghulam Simms Very true Ghulam Simms and all educated people know that islam is just another dirty filthy religion orchestrated by dirty filthy men, just like the catholic religion as well.

Phil Hayes 3 years

Phil Hayes All educated? You need to learn some basic research as well as statistics

Ghulam Simms 3 years

Ghulam Simms my research is impecable

Phil Hayes 3 years

What islam is different somehow is it ?

Phil Hayes 3 years
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Rightly said. Actually it applies to most religions I know. More to the point: The men create religion and write the religious rules, then uses it to suppress women, and justify what they do as "God's will".

Morgan Harding


Kyle Crawford 3 years

Voluntary submission of a wife to her husband is frowned on in American culture. Humility is shsmefull and pride in ones self is seen as strength. This mind set has been destructive to the family unit but This only strengthens the power of government

Troy Bonds 3 years

No it supposed as a way of protection women but other important things

Hawkins Rivas

No this statement is wrong
Bcoz religon stop a man to do sin
And suppressing a women is a sin

Candy Grant