Recommendations on the brand of boron for Osteoporosis?

Anybody have brand of boron that you could recommend me? Thanks!

Mary Johns
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Steph Obrien

You would have to eat about a pound of prunes per day to get a daily dose.

Douglas Crocker 3 years

I them, usually have about 10 a day xx

Jan Nelson 3 years

Douglas Crocker there was a study done and shared in here showing increase in bone density by 5% in a year when the subjects ate *i think* 5-7 prunes a day.

Steph Obrien 3 years

Steph Obrien That's interesting but I would like to know how many variables there were to that study, involving other supplements and diet. I would love to see the study. In that a recommended dose for those over 19 years of age should be 20 mg per day and that 5 to 7 prunes only provides about 1.3 grams, with all other things equal, that would mean the experts are wrong and that it takes much less boron than what the experts are saying or there were other variables that perhaps made a difference. Since boron is not the only, and certainly not the primary need in Osteo, I would say prunes are still not the answer. At least not 5 to 7 a day being enough to make a significant enough difference. If you know where the paper on that study can be found, I would be interested.

Douglas Crocker 3 years

Steph Obrien you're right, the first studies conducted talked about 100 mg of prunes (which is about 10-12 prunes) (they actually used japanese plum extract) which will give you between 2.1 and 2.7 mg of boron...... So if i eat 6 that's about 1 to 1.3 mg of boron........ İ did research all this a few months ago because I really wanted to know what amount of boron i was comfortable taking..... Lots of research done and more to do

Lorraine Mullins 3 years
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Maryann Hedrick

Looks like Prunes Raisins & Almonds are the gold standard

Janet Kirkpatrick 3 years

I remember that chart ...... Those are two different lab results of boron concentration examined in a laboratory setting..... The food with the highest concentration is prunes.... Column one shows 27 mg of boron in 1 kilogram of prunes and column 2 represents 21.5 mg of boron in 1 kilo of prunes..... Different prunes, different year, different soil..... Which shows that some prunes have more boron than others..... So..... İf we bring that down to 100g of weight, you would then have 2.7 mg of boron in 100grams of prunes (column 1) or 2.15 mg of boron in 100mg of prunes (column2).... You get about 10 dried prunes to 100mg weight (give or take a prune)..... So 6 prunes (which is about all i can eat) gives me about 1.3 mg of boron (column 1) or 1 mg of boron (column 2)....... So....Douglas Crocker statement that you would have to eat a pound of prunes to get a good amount of boron is about right..........I supplement with boron and Japanese plum extract...... When I read dozens of clinical trials, they talk about prunes but if you read them, it's '100mg of japanese plum extract' that they used... So i eat my six prunes and pop in a japanese plum extract supplement (I don't want to eat just the supplement so i eat the six prunes and I don't want to depend just on the plum extract.... So doing both won't hurt me)..... Now for boron, boron is not an expensive supplement but here are a few ... Some people use borax but i just can't bring myself to do that .....

Lorraine Mullins 3 years

Lorraine Mullins I've weighed them out myself and done the calculations a couple times and found this to be correct as well. And I would not depend solely on prunes or the supplements alone either. But it's just as essential to maintain all the supplements and foods shown to help deal with this condition head-on.

Douglas Crocker 3 years

Douglas Crocker What foods. Diet, supplements and their brands do you take? Pharmacy just called and said my Bolivar is ready. Told the dr. 2 hours ago that I took myself off the fosamax he prescribed 2 years ago, that I actually gave all my unused drugs to the police drug drop off and I was NOT going to take any meds. All I want is to get a letter so I can avoid a stalker at health club, which I haven't been to in months so I can join a new one.

Denise Robertson 3 years

I don't know that my answer would apply or help you as I do not have Osteo. I can tell you what I know from research and my studies into this field and what I have learned from talking (listening to and reading from) others. First, in that the condition is considered by top experts to be Scurvy of the bones, the two needs are organic (only) Vitamin C and that sugar must be avoided when taking for 6 hours prior and several hours after; and that the gut microbiome needs to be optimal. This means daily Probiotics and fermented foods. This means avoiding foods that damage the gut lining, leading to Leaky Gut, a condition that creates inflammation and that prevents proper absorption of nutrients. It also calls for chelated Magnesium at twice the levels of Calcium. D3 should be between 5000 and 7500I. U. per day. K2 mk4 is also needed. Some choose to add mk7 but many have negative reactions from it. Boron at 20 mg should also be taken. Other vitamins such asA, and B12 or at least B complex (organic only) will also help. Drugs do not heal. At best they mitigate symptoms. Some have healed from this condition by applying natural methods and supplements and diet and it is this method most will do best with. Now, if you like, I can tell you what diet, foods, and supplements I do take. I follow a Ketogenic Paleo diet and the Steps To Optimum Health (a healing protocol used by an elite group of Naturopaths), I take daily Probiotics, alternating between four to five formulas, as well as four to five fermented foods each day. This allowed me to heal from over 30 conditions in six months as well as recover fully a failing liver which was leading me to my death. I take an organic multivitamin as well as Turmeric Extract I make myself, organic Vitamin C that I make myself, Chelated Magnesium, and a number of herbs.

Douglas Crocker 3 years
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I use the Now brand.

Nancy Holley


Phyllis Capps

I use the Hakala brand too but 30mg a day. This was the one recommended in the video of Dr(?) someone posted here.
This company has a newsletter and customer service is quite knowledgeable.

Linda Hollingsworth


Beth Sheffield


Beth Sheffield

Costco sells this

Beth Sheffield

How many a day do you take?

Ann Gonzalez 3 years

Ann Gonzalez it says 1 is 5mg. I actually make mine from borax and take 4 tsp. (12mg) But if I’m traveling I’ll take these with me. My husband takes these and says it helps him after playing soccer!

Beth Sheffield 3 years

I’ve read that Costco is not a good place to get supplements. They’re full of fillers.

Barbara Manuel 3 years

I take Trophic that I order from a site here in Canada.

Stella Simons

I'm in Toronto. I take Trophic as well, stella.

Lynn Finley 3 years

This is a great thread. Just starting my research. Increasing my boron to 6 mg per day. Does anyone know if I need to split up the dosage during the day or can I take it all at once?

Suzanne Manley

I’ve been taking 6 mg 2 capsules together of boron

JG Chapman Willard 3 years

I take this one from iherb on line
I take 6 mg per day along with other supplements and prunes


JG Chapman Willard

I also take the NOW brand. I like that it’s capsules and that iHerb delivers to Canada

Sabrina Bauer 3 years

I buy this too

Linda Lyles 3 years


Phyllis Capps

I take the Boro that's been shown. I take 75 mg daily & sometimes I take another half. Our country & medical knowledge about what natural supplements we need is pathetic. Other countries are so far ahead of us it leaves us in the dust.
The people in some other countries get as high as 30 mg of boron in their water alone without counting what's in their food.
And our system try to tell us that 3-6 mg is sufficient! No wonder so many have parathyroid glands out of whack.
Our RDA on iodine is set at 150 mcg daily yet other countries get as high as 500 mcg & more from their diet!!! Our nation has the highest rate of sick people in the world.

Esther Arrington