Prenatal vitamin recommendations for pregnant women?

Well im pregnant with #3 ???????? looking for a great prenatal vitamin
Brenda Zapata
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Hands down Juice Plus! I’m a Rep after my amazing health journey! I have tons of information! May I send some to you?

Tamara Mcdermott


Tamara Mcdermott 3 years

Yes please...

Brenda Zapata 3 years

But aint that very expinsive?

Brenda Zapata 3 years

Brenda Zapata messaging now.

Tamara Mcdermott 3 years

Tamara Mcdermott I’m looking for a woman’s multi. Something affordable not to crazy expensive as well

Maribel Kurtz 3 years
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Lifeplus. I had the easiest pregnancy ever and so had any other women that I talked to and that took it

Chris Cho

Actif prenatal. I felt amaaaazing and had a very healthy pregnancy and baby girl

Kelly Hampton

I take the kind that has methyl folate in it instead of folic acid. If you have the mutations (MTHFR) genes then it’s good to take the methylated kind. My body cannot process folic acid. I take this kind. google Thorne prenatal

Julie Newman

How would i know if i have the mthfr gene

Brenda Zapata 3 years

I would just assume that you do ... Because of you don't and your child does then same thing... Can't easily test an unborn child

Martha Zavala 3 years

So no folic acid

Brenda Zapata 3 years

I wouldnt take synergy purenatal because of the soy. Do you have any other suggestions? What about GOL?

Darleen Barton 3 years

Best nest. It's an organic, whole food vitamin with methylfolate, not folic acid. It's like $30 on Amazon.

Tandra Lancaster

Garden of life prenatal - raw, vegan and non gmo

Brianna Trent

Best Nutrition is what you want to eat everyday, to keep yourself and your baby as healthy as you can be.

Bev English

Whole food plant based diet is the best thing you can do for you and your growing baby. Congratulations

Alicia Daley


Brenda Zapata 3 years

U cant beat Natures Plus Prenatal ..... Made from foods from the garden.... All natural. ... No synthetics in these.... U want the best for your baby..

Linda Hester

Garden of life organics!! Do not take anything with folic acid, folate only, and make sure it is food derived!! Bless your little bun bun!!

Nicolle Koenig

Use these omega 3 and calcium


Moureen Goldman


Preeti Avila

Chiaseeds. Loads of iron b12 (folic acid) and calcium. In your morning Smooties. 2 spoons a day is More than enough

Oem Shoemaker

Methyfolate and moringa.

Anielka Lockhart

Someone told me moringa wasn't safe during pregnancy. I have a tree and haven't eaten from it for this reason.

Adora Simms 3 years

Only the leaves are safe. Its a high dense superfood all around. My pregnancy is going great and my bloodwork has never looked better.

Anielka Lockhart 3 years

Stay away from folic acid. Do folinic acid or methylated folate.

Rebecca Hatfield

I'm taking Rainbow pre natals

Adora Simms

Juice Plus fruit, veggie and berry capsules and vegan Omegas are taken by many women trying to get pregnant and are pregnant.

Kristen Huffman

I took Garden of Life Raw Whole Food prenatal with my first and Innate Response Whole Food prenatal with my second. Now we all take Juice Plus and I wish I would have known about it during back pregnancies back then.

Eliza Tilley

This is not a prenatal, but this one works a whole lot better than any prenatal I have taken.


Grace Valentine

Stay away from folic acid. Eat greens instead.

Brenda Stout

Folic acid has been linked to cause autism.

Tia Becker


Lena Rush

I think Mega foods makes a good one.

Beverly Moses

Spirulina, Moringa........which are super foods

Josie Peters

make sure there are good studies on what you take

Susan Hill

My kind organics whole food prenatal vitamin the once daily is amazing!

Kayla Hogan

We use young living essential oils, their Ningxia Red& supplements also youngevity tangy tangerine I can message you if you’d like and you can make you’re own decision many prayers for a healthy pregnancy

Amber Carlton

Plus hormone products pm me if you are keen for more information

Margaret Hatch

90 for life !!!!!!

Elgin Nolan

Congrats! I wish I could have just one more.

Tana Elliott

Juice Plus!

Magdy Ramos


Katie Fournier

Is there that a weight loss thing with caffeine in it?

Nicolette Beard 3 years

Nicolette Beard yes there is but there is hardly any caffeine. It contains green coffee bean extract which only has 2% caffeine it. There are lots of other products too and a great multivitamin and probiotic!

Katie Fournier 3 years

Eat better.

Betty Zamora

Check with your health food store. Garden of Life

Tamara Hill

Honestly, I would just stick with whole food and enzymes. Enzymes help to break down and assimilate your food. If you take a prenatal, yes you will be getting all of the nutrients but you run the risk of getting too much of one certain thing and therefor causing an imbalance in all of your other vitamins and minerals.

Kaleigh Burr

Melaleuca has one its all natural. Pm me

Sara Ledbetter

Young Living has some really great products

Nicolette Beard

Best nest wellness

Isabella Hinkle

I find Sisu has the best products. Their prenatals are capsules so you get maximum absoption. And it's not MLM so I feel I can trust them a little more...

Contessa Acevedo

I work for a wellness company and we offer all kinds of vitamins and they are all natural and organic! Let me know if I can help you hun! And congrats

Chelsey Carlisle

Do not take anything with folic acid; it must be methylfolate!! Folic acid blocks folate receptors, and can harm your baby. Garden of Life Organics is a great brand. Best of luck, and congrats on your little bun in the oven!!
For more info, look up Dr. Ben Lynch, author of "Dirty Genes"

Nicolle Koenig

Garden of life just got bought out by Nestle and many people are not trusting them (myself included)

Julie Newman 3 years

I really doubt they pulled all the bottles off the shelves and already changed the ingredients though.

Tandra Lancaster 3 years

Tandra Lancaster you never know when that’ll happen best to start avoiding

Julie Newman 3 years

Didn't they just take over? I don't think they would've even had time.

Tandra Lancaster 3 years

Tandra Lancaster I believe they bought them out in November. They announced it at the beginning of December

Julie Newman 3 years
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Plexus. I took Xfactor w aloe my entire pregnancy. My midwife loved that I was using plexus. I also did the triplex. I love plexus! My ds is 2 weeks old and I’m still taking Plexus

Amanda Davies

I was very happy with Maxi-Health pre-natals.
You can find the website

Etta Sizemore

Garden of life raw prenatal

Svetlana Lindsey

Thorne research!!

Darleen Barton

My iron and ferratin levels have been amazing this pregnancy!

Darleen Barton 3 years