Over the counter supplements for Rheumatoid arthritis?

Hey guys! What over the counter supplements seem to help you if any? Of course on top of the prescribed meds .

Leah Oconnell
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CBD oil helps a ton

Alex Huggins

I have that but can’t seem to do it three times a day especially with 12 hour shifts I have.. What brand do you have and do they make you take three times a day?

Leah Oconnell 3 years

I’m gonna try mine more frequently to see if it helps if not I may contact you to check that out !

Leah Oconnell 3 years

Leah Oconnell sounds good. You want an organic full spectrum oil

Alex Huggins 3 years

Mine does say that.. Maybe just need to give it a chance

Leah Oconnell 3 years

Leah Oconnell yeah it can take a little while for cbd to build up in your body

Alex Huggins 3 years
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Nilüfer Denton

Thank you !

Leah Oconnell 3 years

I take boswellia and CBD also. I definitely notice a difference when I dont take them. And I take vitamin D and fish oil.

Maree Wood

I just got fish oil to take and have been taking vitamin d and have the CBD so need to keep at it Nd get the boswellia it seems! Thank you !

Leah Oconnell 3 years

I see many comments about boswellia I tried it and it didn't help, I thought maybe I didn't take it long enough but my doctor said its bc it works better for OA not RD. Can someone with RD and not OA too explain how it helps and what it does? How long before you notice a difference?

Annette Rangel

Thanks for that input

Leah Oconnell 3 years

Boswellia modulates immunity. It doesn't affect pain like nsaids or pain pills. It stops flaring but if you have chronic infections it will strengthen immunity to fight them. If it didn't work that's a sign you may have co-infections.

Melanie Dickey 3 years

Melanie Dickey, co-infections meaning somebody with both high klebsiella and candida?

Marybeth Malone 3 years

Those can both cause RA

Melanie Dickey 3 years

Thanks but absolutely no infections at all in fact quite the opposite. My RD was caused by glyphosate exposure that started at 5.

Annette Rangel 3 years
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Tumeric supplements and becoplex with Iron. I also drink fresh tumeric and ginger tea.

Jantina Mahoney

No RX meds here - turmeric (anti-inflammatory), magnesium (pain, inflammation, sleep), Kratom (pain, sleep), boron (mag cofactor), melatonin (sleep).

Jennifer Currie