Once the chemo starts working, will his cough settle down?

Hi all! My husband’s first sign of lung cancer was a cough that just wouldn’t go away. As time has progressed, it keeps getting worse. He is very frustrated! We finally get to see the Medical oncologist on Tuesday to discuss Chemo. My question: Once the chemo starts working, will his cough settle down, or is it likely to get worse first?

Kristy Rowe
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That depends one each individual.

Theresa Teague

My dad’s did stop after treatment.

Denise Riddle

Mine has virtually vanished and my sats have gone from 88 /91 to 94/95 hun x

Dolly Stark

Thanks for that! I know it could be different for everyone, but I was looking for some hope!!

Kristy Rowe 3 years

Kristy Rowe stay positive hun make each day count xx

Dolly Stark 3 years

My Mums has virtually gone after 3 rounds of chemo and was significantly improved after the first round. Good luck

Sharon Echols

My husband's almost stopped after one chemotherapy treatment. His 2nd one will be on 9/12

Cheryl Whitaker

My husband's has never gone away.

Judy Rocha

Just had this question for our doctor. No evidence of cancer since April and cough is still there
So strong that it wakes him up thru the night. Dr started him on tessolin pearls and has helped greatly. He also suggested low oral dose of prednisone but have not needed that yet
Doc says it comes from the radiation.

Julie Stapleton

my husband's cough is different now. He is now able to cough stuff up, where before it was just a dry hacking cough. Also, he noticed just yesterday that he hadn't been using his inhaler near as much!

Vickie Shipman

My husband carries a small trash container around because he is constantly spitting stuff up. He can't sleep well because of it. He has been coughing this up since June. I hope it goes away with the chemotherapy. He is also do irritated by it. Sorry I wasn't any help to your post but comforted knowing that it might end up going away

Mary Ayala

Thanks everyone!! We used to run a lot (half marathons, even a few full marathons), but in March, the annoying cough was enough to stop him from running. It’s been a huge change to our lifestyle. He’s getting over the fact he can’t run, but I think he’d settle for sleeping through the night without coughing. I can’t believe how much this disease has done in such a short time.

Kristy Rowe 3 years