Need-to-know tips about rheumatoid arthritis?

A few things to consider:

1. When asking for assistance with diets and foods to eliminate, remember that these are very individual situations. While gluten and processed foods seems to trigger most, the rest is purely trial and error. There are no absolutes. İf you want to not waste time and really get the best tailored diet for you, you must not take any shortcuts and go through an Elimination Diet. More information on this is in our File section.

2. The red meat stigma: Although it can trigger many, the reality is that if you purchase and only consume grass-fed meat, you will likely not be triggered. The issue isn't the animal, the issue is the grain feed. But again this is trial and error. Some people just aren't suited for meat, others thrive with it. Very individual.

3. The marijuana stigma: I realize that there's still a huge stigma around getting "high" with cannabis, but the reality is that this plant is a whole medicine type thing. If you want to really make a dent in inflammation and truly manage pain efficiently and effectively, you need the THC combined with CBD. Obviously some people can't use the products because of legal issues or work, then by all means continue using CBD only, we have a lot of information in our File section on the subject. If you can, however, use products with THC, I highly recommend you do them and ditch the stigma. Focus on Indica strain cannabis for pain management, it is life-changing.

4. Medication stigma, while this group is solely focused on natural alternatives, the reality is that many are trying to wean off medication or must use medication because of the aggressive progression of their disease, while still trying to go natural. There should be no judgement directed at these people. The reality is not everyone responds well to natural methods, some disease progression is just too aggressive. So don't feel ashamed or like a failure because you tried healing for a long period of time via natural methods and got nowhere. Sometimes medication has its place, you can always wean off later and continue trying natural at the same time. It's so easy for those that do see a positive reaction from natural methods to sit on a high pedestal and judge those that end up taking medication. But the reality is that this disease does not affect everyone the same. So do what is best for you.

5. From time to time, we always hear about cures for rheumatoid disease. Realistically speaking, there is no cure, there is only remission. So be very skeptical when you hear about a product that claims to cure this disease. Always do your own research, safeguard your health and pocketbook.

Yoli Cisneros
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Perfect !

Francine Snider

Food sensitivity testing will help along with elimination diets.

Jennifer Currie

Thank you for posting that! And if it is ok to add, every single body is different so there is no "one size". You hit it when you said trial and error. I have been at this battle a long time and only figured out what works for me in the last few years. Also, since this is a site for Rheumatoid Arthritis or as many of us old pros say, Rheumatoid Disease, it's very important for people to know the difference. The treatment is not the same as the disease is not the same.

Annette Rangel

YES Major thumbs up for points 1 and 4. Thank you for reiterating!

Meaghan Simmons

Thank you for sharing!

Susan Lyles

All my concerns in one post. Thanks

Jelinda Fitzpatrick


Leondra Pratt

So true!

Kristen Boudreaux

Thank you, thank you, thank you, so well said

Chris Mobley

You are so right could not have said it better, fantastic info, thanks

Francine Cassidy

Thank you so much, I needed to read this today. Have been feeling bummed being on pain meds because I just haven’t been able to keep up with my young children’s needs. I felt like a failure because I see so many people doing so well with without needing anything for pain. I am praying for the laws to change so I can get the CBD/THC, but I live in Texas so who knows how long it will be. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, you do it so eloquently, always! I was alone and in a dark place with this disease until I discovered this page! Thank you for all your time and effort you put in to this, it is truly appreciated

Katie Landis

You are not a failure you are a human being

Francine Cassidy 3 years

Thanks for your information. I am currently on strict AIP, taking cbd daily, methotrexate, and plaquinil x 3months. My Dr is not supportive of natural healing. Although I do not feel symptom free yet, I am much better than 3 mo ago. Do you have resources to point me to drug weaning for when I might be ready?

Abby Jernigan

Well said

Paula Shaver

I couldn’t agree more:) Thank you for all that you do!

Yvette Fink

Yes cannabis has helped so much! I need to try the CBD with it.

Lucy Kimble

Read and agree

BriAnn Herron