Natural ways of putting on weight

Hi wanted to know natural way of putting on weight.

Sangeeta Tobin
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LuAnn Bishop


Teresa Farr 3 years

Easier said than done for some people depending on their health / stress.

Ross Penn 3 years

Ross Penn I know that was kinda mean.

Teresa Farr 3 years

Sorry everyone. I wasn't trying to be mean. I was underweight almost all my life. Then I made it a point to eat to gain weight. I guess I was lucky to be able to. Now my fat has turned to muscle.

LuAnn Bishop 3 years

Parasite cleanse, healthy fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, etc.

Amanda Chin

How do you do a parisite cleanse

Kelly Lyon 3 years

Mimosa pudica seeds are an amazing, natural method!

Amanda Chin 3 years

Mmmm... Mimosa. Oh, not what you meant? Oh, never mind

Leah Coleman 3 years

Yes that is but obvious but things which help in healthy weight gain.

Sangeeta Tobin

The things I suggested aid in healthy weight gain.

Amanda Chin 3 years

increase meal portions and enjoy what you eat

Saffron Pena

Yes eat but more specifically figuring out why you’re not gaining. Is your thyroid overactive? Are you not eating certain foods? You could potentially have chronic GI issues... Or even undiagnosed diabetes. Etc.

That will change what will help you most. Most of us can gain weight by looking at food so if you are having trouble gaining weight it can be more important determining the cause because simply eating more doesn’t actually fix every issue.

Dasha Longoria

Eat more protein rich foods. Nuts and seeds. Adds some spirulina to your food and drinks.

Christina Purcell

Some things.... Eggs, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, Greek yogurt, honey cinnamon, flax/chia seed, avacodo, nuts, hemp hearts, lean meats here n there, healthy quality protein shakes &greens shake, mutlivitamin/minerals, glutamine, probiotic, obvious fruits/vegetables lots of water,
Lift weights and stay off the tread mill! Wake up early & drink/eat & have protein drink with it right away & keep snacking throughout the day. Your metabolism will be on fire. So get ready to lift lol

Devron Mcmanus

Raw egg smoothies

Annette Smallwood

Peanut butter, bananas, rice, beans

Lacy Helms

Parasite cleanse and check your thyroid function. Those keep people from gaining Lb. Then married some Syrian men whose mother loves to cook and she will feet you non stop because that’s what they do all the time, that’s the way the show hospitality. And ye, when you try original Syrian sweets your won’t ever like anything else, and your addictions will make you nice and curvy

Elizabeth Rossi

Eating you gain weight by eating
Very simple

Timothy Felix

Eat lots, lol

Dianne Oakes

Eat FAT!! Vegetables, nuts, avocado, coconut, etc... Search healthy fat. Cook with healthy oils like avocado, olive, coconut, and almond oil.

Kristian Jacob

Eat more and lift weights/

Donnie Gillespie

eat protein, lift weights

Karen Hamlin

my daughter is to thin and she eats plenty of good food.. İts a gut problem...

Christina Rivers

It’s a absorption problem ..

Brian Rice 3 years


Monica Eldridge

Lots of healthy fats & weight training.

Heather Coates

For me nuts are the way to go. Not that I want to gain weight, but if I snack on nuts too much my weight goes right up...

Mersiha Oneil

Eat lots and lots of good food.

Angela Garrett


Tali Connelly


Monica Eldridge 3 years


SammieDavid Kearney

For everyone who keeps mentioning to just eat.

Eating does nothing if you can’t absorb any nutrition.


And adding weight is different than adding fat.

Brian Rice

Eat a lot of wheat (wheat bread, wheat pasta, etc.)

Terry Grover

Two words: Blended. Rice.

Dimitri Hanks

Combined with squats

Dimitri Hanks 3 years

First find out why you aren't putting on weight... İt's probably a parasite or thyroid or gut problem.... Then you can eat high carbohydrates, protein foods and rice to gain weight.

Chris Collins

Look into Trim Healthy Mama and do Crossovers.

TJ Sugden Pollock


Janet Babcock

Lots of good, wholesome fruit, veges, nuts, avocadoes etc. No junk food, plenty of juices, carrot, banana and eat aa mych as u want.

Milton Newton

Crazy good meats. 28 grams of protein per 4oz bag no trasfat msg free.

Garrett Navarro

Smoke some weed

Jim Waters

Exercise! Light weights with high repetition. If I don’t exercise I lose weight quickly. It stimulates my appetite. I then have a protein shake within the first hour after my workout. My trainer said you absorb the protein and it turns to muscle and weight more efficiently when you have the protein during that window. Good luck! I used to battle with anorexia, and this fixed it. My trainers saved my life!

Leslie Sands

That 30-60 min window crap is a huge myth Protein powders are s huge myth Just eat while solid food after a workout

Timothy Felix 3 years

Timothy FelixMy trainer was professional body builder, natural, no steroids. I weight trained for a year with no results. As soon as I started with him and he taught me this, I put on crazy muscle. People asked my how I got ripped, so quickly. So it works!

Leslie Sands 3 years

Timothy Felix I do agree the whole food is best, but sometimes I am busy & don’t have time to make a meal. Whole Foods has some great tasting shakes

Leslie Sands 3 years

I'm 5'7 and I weigh 103. I try really hard to gain weight and nothing happens.

Ashley Schroeder

i know its not funny, but i will gladly give you some of mine?

Svetlana Forbes

Drink a little fresh celery juice in morning, drink fresh coconut juice at night. Chew your food really well! Don't eat processed junk, fried food or canola oil. Try seeing by elimination and adding back in after a week or 2, see if dairy, wheat, corn or soy is keeping you from aborbing. Another thing is weight training to build muscle, just don't over do it.

Tori Guzman


Nicolas Wray

Double your calorie intake, eating healthy high calorie foods, it's not the quantity it's the quality.

Ila Felton

I hear eating will do it

Jimi Phipps

Eat McDonald's food

Margit Cervantes


Lachniet Le

Eating raw fruits and vegetables. You want to gain weight the healthy way, not by acidifying the body with acidic food which in the long run will just wreck your GI tract/kidneys even more. You likely have pancreatic problem (Pancreas not breaking down your foods properly)/Malapsorbed/Fungal issues. Make sure to parasite cleanse yourself whilst taking a herbal pancreas formula/GI broom to cleanse the gut wall so you are able to absorb your food better. Not eating bad food where in the process your arteries start plaquing or heart issues surface in the process. Dont do it to yourself.

Louis Kaufman

Medical marijuana!!!Worked well for me if you can get the right strains.

Jenny Sykes

For who?

Fred Swartz

Eat carbohydrates, nuts and cakes and chocolate, chips. Everything that everyone dreams of, but cant.

Yadhaie Paulson

Buffalo milk full cream, lots of buffalo ghee

Anil Kenney

Where do you find that?

Tal Bond 3 years

Trader Joe's, Whole Foods

Ashley Mccray 3 years

Tal Bond indian stores.

Anil Kenney 3 years


Tal Bond 3 years

Weight training and protein.

Ashley Mccray

Get pregnant.

Andy Hackett

Never force weight on when you have trouble gaining because you have to address the causative factor to why you are not gaining which could be fungal related/Pancreatic related where the pancreas does not even break your foods down properly/impacted GI tract that stops you from absorbing properly from the lymphatic system INSIDE the gut wall. You cant correct that by just throwing on a bunch of starch/Protein because thats just going to wreck your kidneys/bowels even more not addressing the cause of why you dont gain like other people do. Stay consuming raw fruits and vegetables and if you keep hanging in there, you start to gain on the same foods! It requires patience but not many people have that unfortunately.

Louis Kaufman


Monica Eldridge