Natural way to help with depression?

Natural way to help w depression? No drs

Nicole Worley
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Express gratitude daily
Binaural beats
Essential oils
Do energy work
Get a massage
Go on a vacation
Surround yourself with people who are good for you
Delete the people in your life that no longer serve you
Create new rituals for your highest and greatest good
Use crystals
Youtube - nighttime/morning meditation for depression

Angela Thurman

Yoga & reiki

Saima Howe

Threonate magnesium

Adreanne Montes

The number one thing.... DIET...paleo/keto/gaps are all healing to the brain/gut connection... Also, magnesium, VitC, D, B3, B12... Journaling, probiotics, earthing, moderate exercise, like walking... So many things... Look up Dr. Kelly Brogan and Dr. Peter Breggins on youtube...

Evelyn Mccormick

Walking, breath. Meditation, volunteering/

Kathy Leary

if possible, get outside into nature, a walk in the bush, or even better on the beach get into the ocean, magnesium in sea water is so good for you.

Paul Luna

For me cutting out processed foods and inflammatory foods and getting back to eating live food and making sure I’ve had enough water. Heal All Tea. Meditation. Routine if you’re messy or spontaneous if you’re rigid as in something new for you. Conquer something you’ve been putting off. Make yourself be bold. Stay up on vitamins. Do the things that you enjoy and let the rest fall to the wayside. I use Balance, Frankincense, Cheer, ClaryCalm (women’s blend) and it helps! Remember it’s one day at a time! You got this! (you said no docs but Dr Robert Morse and his knowledge of the lymphatic system and diet is amazing! There’s a rabbit hole.) he also does Iridology where the color of our eyes tell us what’s going on in our bodies. (Side note)

Maureen Dempsey

Get a crystal to put under your pillow or carry with you

Dan Hudson

Detox with a naturopath that does muscle testing

Rebecca Reyna


Long Hedrick 3 years

PM'd you

Rachelle Bruce

No sugar, at all. Fresh raw veggies and berries. Lots of water and probiotics.

Darlene Pacheco

Thank you all, I am going thru some major life changes and also had my IUD taken out and they said there will be a imbalance of hormones for a while

Nicole Worley

Depression is a sign of chronic inflammation in your body.
You should change your diet and some lifestyle changes also supplements.
Multimineral and Multivitamins would help restore the nutrition deficiencies, hormonal imbalance and gut health. Vit Bcomplex, vit C and Tryptophan are a MUST!!!
Try Paleo diet, nuts and seeds!
No sugar, dairy, gluten
and regular exercise.
Don't stress over things you can't control!
One door closes other opens!

Ger Larson

Parasites cause these symptoms that's why I suggested a detox

Rebecca Reyna

Supply the brain cells with voltage to activate cellular regeneration

Fred Swartz

Eat chocolate
Use lavender air freshener
Take multivitamins

Sandy Meier

5HTP helps. X x

Jo Parry Kurtz

100%Organic, Non GMO, full spectrum CBD oil! I LOVE this product, it has done wonders for me and my clients. PM me for more information Youll start feeling better soon!

Sarah Boone

I've dealt with Depression since I was child. Monq essential oil diffusers have helped, also probiotics and deep breathing. Exercise helps also but I can't do it anymore. I also get massages from time to time. Everyone is different... But eating somewhat health has helped too eventhough I can't stick with it.

Amber Knox

Grapefruits and cashews are best to combat depression

Saima Howe

If you’re on Rx meds for depression grapefruit is a no.

Ronda Bergman 3 years

Hi nicole, my husband had great results just by adding some natural nutritional supplements to his diet. Is this something you would be open to trying?

Ruth Mann

Essential oils, I prefer Doterra. Also look for things in life that bring you joy, write a list of ten things you’re greatful for every day. Meditation, yoga, clean eating, prayer, massage, therapy.

Kristen Barton

hypnosis can help. Depression can be a chemical unbalance so hypnosis might not be the only thing needed

Becka Burks

Magnesium 5 x your weight!

Beatriz Wall

MEDITATION. Can't stress this enough as component to diet & exercise. Start slow with no pressure. Do 1 thing that takes a step toward wellness today. Then 1 thing tomorrow. Be compassionate with yourself. Stop trying to force yourself to not be unhappy. Just allow it to be what it is while taking steps toward peace & happiness.

My advice. : )
I use the "insight timer" app

Long Hedrick

Kratom has really helped me.

Grace Conley

Keaton is very hard on your system and can trigger dependency issues, it most DEFINITELY is a wonderful tool but is not recommended for prolonged use.

Alanna Bacon 3 years

Alanna Bacon where did you read that?

Grace Conley 3 years

Alanna Bacon 3 years

Alanna Bacon 3 years

Thank you for sharing! I read both. It sounds like the risk is low especially with a responsible user. 12-15 grams would be 6-7.5 tsps and that's a lot! Imagine taking tylenol or prescribed pain meds for pain and taking 6 pills. That would definitely do some damage. The first article stated that stopping kratom fixed the patient and the other said the injuries spontaneously went away. Moderation is key with everything. Thanks again "It only causes acute renal failure in very rare cases when the serum bilirubin level is highly raised. According to users, they haven’t experienced any sort of kidney problem..... If Kratom is taken continuously, like more than once during a day and the dose is larger than 12-15 grams, then it may cause intrahepatic cholestasis."

Grace Conley 3 years

Only meditation doesn`t help if your body lacks of omega 3. In many cases that`s the main reason.

Virginija Andersen


Valerie Prince

Chiropractor who works with standard process supplements and gardening!! Get out in nature get dirty!!! Dirt is vital to our health!!!

Alanna Bacon

I agree, grounding helps me so much

Cele May 3 years

Half cup cashews a day

Gig Crews

Depression is a thyroid/parathyroid experience.

Louis Kaufman


Katelyndominick Kuhn

Research Grounding. Incorporate that as well

Cele May

Exercise, fellowship with friends, vitamin d3, GABA, magnesium, essential oils.

Dasha Longoria

B-Complex too

Enza Plummer 3 years

Enza yes! And nicole make sure it’s a b you can absorb. Many people can’t absorb traditional B’s and don’t know it so they’re deficient without realizing it. That was my case too.

Dasha Longoria 3 years

Dasha Longoria whole food supplements are best and vitamin C helps absorption

Enza Plummer 3 years

Enza yes I actually need methylated b vitamins. I’ve got great supplements now. Thanks!

Dasha Longoria 3 years

Dasha Longoria yeasss! That’s it! “Mega food”brand is amazing! Most people don’t realize the difference between whole food and synthetic vitamins

Enza Plummer 3 years

Exercise, balanced diet ( avoid processed foods and sugars), hydrate, connection with people, determine cause ... Check out life balance wheel. Nature slows us down so we will face what we need to think about. Find your people. Good luck.

Laurie Givens

Sunshine & exercise

April Hooker

Therapy, probiotics

Jazmine Hutchinson

Cbd oil nature's way

Shannon Knutson

It's really not a one pill answer. Sleep, quality of sleep, what you eat, hormones, exercise, getting outside. Support system, what medicines you take all play a role. I coach people in how to use Essential Oils for the their health and wellness goals - I'd be happy to connect with you and talk about a plan for you - but again, it takes approaching and creating a solution on several levels.

Joyce Perez

Probiotics and NRF2 activation

Tyler Stiles

Heal your gut

Jeannie Bowers

Cbd oil.

Laurie Bridges

organic turmeric as tea, daily

Etta Sizemore

Exercise, sunlight, sleep at just the right times. Go for a really long walk in the forest. Skydiving. Go for a really long swim in the ocean. Perspective.

Tim North

I nicole, I use these natural plant based products to control My minor depression and anxiety.
I use it daily and even helps my hair and nails grow better (great bonus)

If you or anyone want to know more you can send me an inbox anytime

(Don’t want to market on here, not appropriate)

Natasha Westbrook