Natural toothpaste and shampoo, soap recommendations

I would appreciate if anyone can help me find natural toothpaste and shampoo, soap please. L might sound weird ( but washing my body with all those chemicals n breastfeed my daughter I feel like she sucking all those bad chemicals after I shower ) What the best brands m where I can find them! Thank you All

Suky Hendricks
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Hi suky, my wife is partnered with a company that does chemical free shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and many other body care products. Can I get her to pm you?

John Hooper


Suky Hendricks 3 years

Suky Ho ok her name is Lisa. Please check your message requests.

John Hooper 3 years

Suky Ho you haven't checked your messages in your others folder.

John Hooper 3 years

I use coconut oil for tooth paste, u can also use it for a body wash, and moisteriser, takes of make up, ans great for the hair .
Organic shampoo from Holland and Barret.

Sasha Gorman

Also amazon has loads of brands, that are cheap, just worth getting the right one to suitu, and check its deffo organic xx

Sasha Gorman

Natura Siberica!
Look up on Amazon!

Larisa Keenan

the olive oil soap to wash the body. You find it in natural stores

Hind Moon

I use Poofy Organics. USDA Organic, gluten free, chemical and toxin free (and affordable ). Complete body care line for you (and baby products!). As well as others beauty and home products.
I can pm you my link if you'd like and I do give a discount to first time shoppers!!

Wendi Bender

Dr bronners bar soaps r awesome. I like the citrus (summer), almond (for winter), and peppermint (to make you feel fresh and wake u up a bit). You can get a 6 pack of one you like off amazon that will last you like 6 months if not more. Keep them out of the water when in the tub and they will last. Dr. Bronner's has invested alot of money towards labeling of gmo's and such so I really like that company. I also stock up at the farmers market in the summer with ladies that make all natural soap. U can find some made with goats milk so soft. And they use essential oils to fragrance them.

Tera Coley

I use coconut oil for toothpaste and as for shampoo I highly suggest Perfectly Posh. Message me and I can help ya out

Tyler Sterling

for coconut, I mixed it with baking soda

Hind Moon 3 years

i just use it as is.

Tyler Sterling 3 years

We make organic, non-GMO, cold process all-in-one soap & shampoo bars We handcraft everything in small batches and source locally!

For toothpaste we alternate between activated charcoal, baking soda and bentonite clay (mixed w/coconut oil & peppermint leaves or ground cinnamon)

Synda Ortiz


Synda Ortiz 3 years

Shea moisture, you can find fluoride free toothpaste on Amazon.

Jamie Fontenot

I use natures gate fluoride free toothpaste and shea moisture shampoo and conditioner. And dr bronner bar soap. I tried using dr bronner soap on my hair, it was so tangly and impossible to brush. I have very long hair.

Abigail Vega

I have an Eco friendly online shop that stocks lots of different chemical free things. Including shampoo, shower gel, natural toothpaste plus cleaning products too.

Jackie Mayer

Coconut oil & baking soda for toothpaste, Thai crystal deodorant (literally just an antibacterial rock), Rhassoul clay for shampoo, and apple cider vinegar for conditioner.

Aeryn Kennedy

Young Living has toothpaste, shampoo and a plethora of products. Www

Brooke Stapleton

Check out the brand melaluca online

Taylor Whitt

You don't need body soap. Just use a wash cloth while showering. I also spray myself with food grade hydrogen peroxide 3% after a shower. The only soap I use is for my private area and use trader Joe's shampoo.

Filomena Roy

Dr bonners the safest soap I have found we use it for our body hair and all children including baby. We use coconut oil for lotion or make our own lotion as well as make our own toothpaste.

Stacey Flores

Dr Bronners makes toothpaste, too. It's awesome.

Michelle Ware 3 years

I use Shea moisture

Amanda Odom

I use poofy organics tooth powder. Just recently started using this actually and I'm in love! My husband uses it too with out complaining lol.


Amanda Davies

Cindisacredgarden is awesome!

Doris Goldberg

If you are in Canada available at Winners also at a lot of South Indian and Chinese grocery stores

Fazilet Boyer

Thank you for the info. I'll the Indian store

Hind Moon 3 years

I really like the Trader Joe's store brand toothpaste and bar soap. If I remember correctly, the toothpaste is less than $3 for a 6 oz. Tube and the bar soap is $2 or $3 for a 2 pack.


Bianca Macias

Ever use Shaker toothpaste? They use ground egg shells.

Diane Schmitz

Shea moisture is wonderful and they have EVERYTHING skin and hair. Dr bronners is great too

Victoria Villarreal

Coconut oil with a drop of clove oil! Can add peppermint too

Lesley Thacker

Auromere tooth paste is my favorite

Elle Mcmillan

Not weird at all it's true
Your skin is your biggest organ
We use dr bronners (baby) soap and peppermint toothpaste.... Shea moisture for shampoo /rinse

Lori Pettit

I get mine from target or online

Lori Pettit 3 years

If nobody mentioned it and youre up to buying from someone. Pure haven has you covered in everything aside from laundry right now. Even makeup options. We teach about toxins so thats what we make. Everything made in house now. Non-toxic, organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free with vegan options. Toothpastes for both adults and kids. face and body, hair, skin, spa etc etc etc. Happy to share my link with you or atalk my profilw and chexk out my page. We have an amazing sign up special ending today and some stocking stuffer discounts too.

Chrissy Benjamin

U still have to be careful with natural stuff bcuz of fruit and nut oils I learned the hard way, certain Eos in stuff too, ur baby is on your boobs and body a lot, your not supose to wash your boobs at all they say

Jessica Ham

Only water when washing nipple or boobs period !

Crystal Leal 3 years


Crystal Leal 3 years

puracy body care products are great

Destiny Ward

Young Living has some amazing products! !!

Michelle Cantrell

Homemade on the homestead... Chelsea Parker is the owner... But it won't tag her even tho she's in the group lol

Cassandra Tyson

Shea moisture for baby and mama body products

Gabrielle Heard

Lucky vitamin is where I get all mine

Shawnie Barry

Don't forget to get a shower filter to help lessen the fluoride.

David Mcmahon

Young Living has all of the above.

Lauren Adair

I love Dr. Bronners lavender Castile bar soap for body wash. I use dr bronners and thieves toothpaste from Young living and I also love their lavender and mint shampoo and conditioner!

Marcie Kemp

Earths paste, dr bronners soap

Anetka Kimble

I use reviive toothpaste


KadriPiibe Kemp

I love Shea moisture.

Brittany Tripp

Arrix brand family Reviive. PM me for details.

Ruth Proctor

Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and body wash

Ruth Proctor 3 years

DoTerra has multiple products... I sell it if you need a consultant!

Tammy Berger