Natural suggestions on rheumatoid arthritis and a developing autoimmune disorder?

Husband is a veteran with many health issues, but just came home with diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and a developing autoimmune disorder. Help please

Aimee Callahan
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Right now I’m trying probiotics, loose imported ginger tea from gong fu tea ,-for natural end I haven’t given up Celebrex yet ... But CBC oil, cannabis, and hemp pills helped tho!

Dana Walsh

Cbd oil

Betty Gray

Hi aimee
Many people are having life changing results using cbd oil.
Let me know if you would like more information.

Jackie Peters

Tell me about it I want to get it I have RA ON NO MEDS!!

Lucia Padilla 3 years

Hi lucia

Jackie Peters 3 years

Stop vaxing

Stephanie Herron

Get on anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Fred Swartz


David Kelley

Both issues of inflammation. Add more whole foods, ginger, turmeric, Etc. And less packaged foods with processed salts. Detoxing will reverse the years of damage. It takes time. Start where you all can.
FYI eggs and dairy are mucous producing and cause inflammation.

Shannon Lusk

Don't eat dairy or gluten

Starla Samuels

Cbd oil.

Rebecca Keyes

Look up an anti inflammatory protocol .... Gotta add in more of the good stuff and less of the triggers that cause the inflammation. Keep in mind that stress also contributes to inflammation ....

Eileen Solomon

Cut nightshades and processed and grains. Add Probiotics.

Valorie Atkins

Mercury from vaccines and silver fillings poisons the liver causing autoimmune disorders.

Dan Ashley

Have you heard about Biocell for joints. You should look into that

Renata Dunham

Black cumin seed oil.


Mary Askew

Autoimmune diet to help root cause and add anti-inflammatory herbs to help treat like turmeric and ginger black pepper

Nicolette Beard

Watch "what the health?" cut out ALL dairy. Black seed oil and tumeric capsules.

Haley Kim

We are largely plant based diet, and take magnesium, turmeric, ginger, reishi tea, EOs, kombucha, sauerkraut, etc. Used a ton of CBD in CO. I will check out the black seed oil for sure. Can't do much about all of the vaccines the military forced him to take years ago. We take ionic boron daily.

Aimee Callahan

The black seed will def. Help. Just refrigerate after opening or it goes rancid quickly.

Mary Askew 3 years


Aimee Callahan 3 years

Youre welcome! Thankful for your husbands service for our country and all of your sacrifices.

Mary Askew 3 years

Mary Askew will you know if it’s rancid? Any telltale signs?

Maureen Tipton 3 years

It will smell awful. You will know right away. It doesnt say that you have to refrigerate, but I learned after my first bottle to refrigerate it.

Mary Askew 3 years
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Stop all sugar!!

Beverly Jaramillo


Jamie Judd

Get tested for Epstein Barr Virus and Lyme. Read the Book " The Medical Medium"

Jane Scruggs


Rita Blanco

Get to an allergy doctor: Check foods. Avoid High Histamine foods. Helps the inflammation go down.

Robinski Lee

take tart cherry and tumeric capsules

Ruthie Nielsen 3 years

Look into a leaky gut protocol

Zibby Rocha


Brenda Odonnell

Read the book by susan Blum
The immune system recovery plan
Leaky gut is a big thing!!!
I have it too
I take about 30 vitamins a day by Orthomolecular

Lucia Padilla

What vaccines has he received recently? Please report to VAERS asap. Also, virtually all autoimmune disorders stem from poor gut health. Look into Dr. Axe and healing leaky gut.

Marie English

Plexus is changing lives ... Everyday

Robyn Stubbs

Acupuncturists asap!

Ronda Bergman

Major diet change and natural supplements. Probiotics-dairy free. Remove all informatory foods and factors surrounding him, have him checked for Epstein-Barr virus current and in the past. Best done with functional MD or nathropath.

Shanna Short

Could be from all the Anthrax Vaccines they were forced to take!

Jane Scruggs

I've wondered what they were really experimenting on them with because he had to get anthrax a couple of times, and a bunch of other vaccines.

Aimee Callahan 3 years

My husband received a tainted Anthrax vaccine. Have your husband find out the lot numbers he received. You can Google them.

Jennifer Floyd

He had to get anthrax a couple of times. He most definitely won't know how to find the lot numbers, do you know how I can?

Aimee Callahan 3 years

The lot numbers should be in his medical records at the clinic. He can request his medical records and vaccine records. My husband received 2 anthrax vaccines. The second almost killed him. After that he was exempt from having to get anymore, but the damage was already done.

Jennifer Floyd 3 years

Remove ALL processed foods from his diet. ALL white, refined sugar, salt, flour. Raw fresh made juices, whole food vitamins, plenty of filtered water, supplement with Moducare which contains plant sterols and sterolins. Remove meat from his diet. Regular exercise, daily. Heat in the morning can help.

April Kinney

I highly recommend Kratom for pain, Boswellia and MSM for the inflammation and some of the dietary changes suggested above to affect long-term results.

Brian Avila

I am a vet as well.... Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil saved my life, after back injury in the service. It helps with pain and inflammation. Turmeric also helps tremendously.

Jennifer Dahl

Whole food plant based diet. Lots of fresh raw fruits and veggies and their juices.

Donna Phelps

Turmeric / Ginger Tea. It has worked amazingly on the arthritis in my hands and feet.

Steven Oliver

1 tsp Turmeric - 1/4 tsp Ginger - 1/8 tsp Black Pepper - 1/8 tsp Sea Salt - 1/4 tsp cinnamon - 1 tsp Coconut Oil - 1 tsp Honey or Agave. Blend well all ingredients together in 12 oz of hot water. Adjust ingredients for your taste. Works great at reducing inflammation associated with all kinds of ailments.

Steven Oliver 3 years

MSM!!! And anti inflammatory diet

Becca Esposito

Not sure but I would read up on chelation. And reflexology can help a lot.

Tammie Chang