Natural remedies for fatty liver?

Was just told I have a fatty liver. And suggestions how too treat this. Doctor recommended loosing weight.

Karen Pacheco
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Loosing weight, but also 1 tablespoon of a good olive oil and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice every morning, drinking lemon in your water throughout the day will really help, clean diet, no sugar or processed foods and no pork, eat fruits and vegetables as juices and smoothies and grass fed beef and chicken with no antibiotics or hormones and eggs nuts and seeds

Laura Combs

Best advice right here.

Michelle Rainey 3 years

Me too. But my doctor laughed as I am underweight. I don’t know what to do either???

Tracy Chavez

Cut out processed foods and sugar (chocs, candies, cookies, biscuits, bread, potatoes, etc)

Marian Lutz 3 years

Marian Lutz I don’t eat processed foods or sugar, I don’t like sweet foods.

Tracy Chavez 3 years

tracy - is there anything in this article that resonates with you?

Marian Lutz 3 years

Marian Lutz Potatoes are a healthy vegetable - just not fried in plant based oils. The skins contain actual nutrition so include the skins

Tams Nash 3 years

Supplements you'll need, VitaminE, Fish Oil, Milk Thistle, phosphatidylcholine. If you take these as a daily regimen you'll never have a fatty liver again. And yes, change your diet immediately. Google fatty liver diet ideas. Been dealing with this for years so I know what I'm talking about .

Jeff Harvey

Does it take years to heal?

Ginger Dodd 3 years

You can get rid of a fatty liver with just 4 fish oil pills a day for 3 months. I've done it repeatedly. It depends how high your triglycerides are, mine were 300's. But I reccomend taking the other supplements as well. Diet of course is very important, but find foods that work best for you. Healthy fats !!!!

Jeff Harvey 3 years

My naturopath told me eat 75% raw diet

Rich Burt

Quit eating so many carb. Cut out grains and sugars. Ketogenic diet and fasting. May take several months, but this will clean it up.

Michell Taylor

Eat a raw organic vegan diet.. No sugar, processed foods, animal products and add milk thistle your fatty liver will heal as long as it’s not too far damaged already.

Howard Horner

Stop all sugar and processed foods. Keto diet.

Cathy Felix

liver flush

Martin Price

Alcohol and sugar effect the liver the same. A mostly raw wholefood grain free plant based diet will sort you out

Adam Graham

MilkThistlehttps://www. Livestrong. Com/article/519605-does-milk-thistle-cleanse-a-fatty-liver/

Sandra Pike

My friend was told to fast for a week then start the Mediterranean diet. She goes back in a month for followup bloodwork.

Norma Cross

Put a cut up lemon in a cup and drink room temp water from that cup all day every day. New lemon each morning.

Chrissy Mcclendon

Plant based diet.

Jenny Schmidt

Detox. Detox. Detox. PM me.

Jeff Lewis

Keto diet reversed mine. Also, look into d-limonene and chanca piedra supplements for fatty liver.

Pam Michel

Magnesium can help with lots of things, including cortisol the stress hormone thats not good for us. And water weight, hi blood pressure and heart strain

Jana Baker

Red rice yeast capsules worked for me... And d-limonene.

Melissa Day

My mom just cured her fatty liver. She also cured her stage III kidney disease.
Check out Dr Jason Fung on YouTube. Also be sure to cut flour and sugar asap.

Amy Akins

Fig vineger.. Pomegranate

Julita Fish

Getting a Kangen water Machine will definitely help please YouTube it

JerryAllison Giles

Alcohol and fructose can contribute to FLD.

Kathy Carney

cider vinegar

Gerry Arroyo

9 out of 10 people have a fatty liver. You must change your diet to a low fat vegan diet, high in plants, with lots of fruit and lots of greens. No alcohol, no dairy, no eggs, no pork, no gluten, no corn, no soy, no canola oil. Anthony William, The Medical Medium has a book coming out in Nov. Called Liver Rescue. He has 3 brilliant books on healing the body and over 75 free radio shows on soundcloud. Here is just one of them.....

Laurie Mckenna

Videoyu Oynat

Pack Mckinney

Videoyu Oynat

Pack Mckinney

Lemon water and oatmeal

Irene Corona