Natural products for your rheumatoid arthritis pain?

Who uses natural products for your RA pain? What do you use?

Anna Baca
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Mediterranean diet, turmeric, B vitamins, probiotics, magnesium oil spray, & exercise (running, yoga, & swimming). Along with golden milk on bad days. I'm early in this with mild symptom (compared to what I've read from others). But not taking any prescription meds or anti inflammatory.


Kristi Murillo

I do all that you do. All natutal totally under control. Ty Jesus

Jacqueline Deleon 3 years

how quickly does this work?

Jacquline Holley 3 years

I've heard you have to add black pepper with turmeric in order to get the anti inflammatory effects

Ciara Henley 3 years

Do I warm all these ingredients in a pan on the stove top ?

Trish Morris 3 years

I was told to avoid all but white pepper.

Dianna Dotson 3 years
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I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard some remarkable things about the CBD oil or lotion, like instant pain and stiffness relief.

Terrye Cochran

Watermelon with salt is an antinflamatory

Natasha Gates

turmeric, frankincense, cannabis

Sarah Hobson

cbd lotion is supposed to be great. İt worked well with my mom

Sarah Hobson

Cupping helps with stiffness and pain relief.

Khursheed Waldron

Boswellia and colostrum. Heals the gut and aids inflammation. Hope it helps

Paul Emery

human colostrum?

Mary Maxwell 3 years

mary it's bovine colostrum. It is a better quality than human as environmental issues effect it's quality. The cows are grass fed and fully certified, and the calf's get their full feed of colostrum before it is used. Hope it helps x The human body can fully assimilate the bovine colostrum as it is identical to human colostrum.

Paul Emery 3 years

I'm a lactation educater and counselor. I'd wager knowing the science of species specific components that human colostrum would still be far superior ( I also grew up on a cow/calf operation and milked cows and took bovine colostrum for orphaned calves)- the two substances are vastly different). Do you have your own herd?

Mary Maxwell 3 years

No but you seem to know a whole lot more than me so I will leave it with you. X

Paul Emery 3 years

Bio identical progesterone cream!! A supplement powder (containing Prebiotic, Probiotic and Digestive Enzymes), Glucosamine Sulfate, Arnica, Omega 3 (vegan source), Detox Gelee

Molly Ramey

I've been taking turmeric w black pepper on my plate or on a cracker w a little jam for a little over a month and my pain has gone down a lot.

Paula Shannon

I felt the difference within the 4th month. Plus probiotic, enzyme, magnesium, fish oil, apple Cider Vinegar, aloe Vera, cannabis, patches, creams... Yoga


Zulema Rossi


Melissa Bain

Soul water, Water aerobics, Epsom salts baths, therapeutic massage, Prayer, & try to keep a happy positive attitude

Trish Morris

trish, I love your attitude. Just do anything and everything you can. I am actually glad that I have whatever this is because pain is a great motivator and it has definitely been a reality check on my attitude and my perspective on food and water. I must exercise because the pain is more tolerable as I stretch those joints. My exercise of choice is yoga and many-mini step jogging which is actually jogging only with tiny, etty bitty steps which I can tolerate. Thank you for the inspiration.

Delilah Belanger 3 years

God bless you, what a sweet message, My motivation is I have a beautiful one-year-old grandson and an incredibly supportive Fiancé , four young adult children, & I am Fortunate to have amazing friends, there are days & nights when the pain is so unbearable but I just keep pushing through

Trish Morris 3 years

Me! Lavender, Eucalyptus, and peppermint oil it's a God send!!!

Jaynie Masters

Diet, Accupunture, cupping and Chinese herbs, probiotics not sure what is in these but I know they work

Patricia Morales

This group is helpful!

Steph Sherman

Could someone please tell me how to take tumeric, I see that you can't consume it alone, so how does one take is correctly to be most effective.

Cindy Goodrich

It has black pepper and black cherry in it for better absorption. This one is recommended by dr weil. Google him, this doctor is awesome when it comes to vitamins/supplements and minerals.


Zulema Rossi 3 years

zulema, thank you so much...

Cindy Goodrich 3 years

I also add cinnamon, cardomin, anise. The paste lasts a few weeks in the fridge. I use a teaspoon in warm almond or oat milk every night around 8... Best sleeps ever and helps with inflammation & a fabulous preventative aid.

Maggie Rios 3 years

Maggie Rios thank you for providing this. Wonderful I will give it a try, anything for a good sleep would be great.

Cindy Goodrich 3 years

Cindy Goodrich If I ever feel under the weather and catching a cold I soak in a hot bath with Epson salt, sea salt, Thieves EO and drink my Golden Milk... I get out an hour later feeling healthy again.

Maggie Rios 3 years

Do any of you drink Sole water ?

Trish Morris