My vitamin d is love, does increasing vitamin D help with my Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms?

My vit D is low so am starting prescription doze. My ESR and CRP normal and all other blood tests normal. Increasing vit D will help with my RA symptoms? Anyone else with same situation?

Hetal Sargent
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Yes vitamin d helps quite a bit

Chelsea Donovan

Yes mine was super low as well. They started me off with 50,000iu/weekly but my levels didn’t change much so they have me on 10,000iu/daily.

Chelsea Hoskins

That's what they are starting me with. Did that help u with symptoms?

Hetal Sargent 3 years

I think so especially helped with my leg and foot cramps as well

Chelsea Hoskins 3 years

Yes I am really low like 11 and I need to take my vit D to stop this flare up.

Consuelo Mays

Low d vitamin d is linked to ra. Some people have gone into remission just from rasing vitamin d levels

Chelsea Donovan

My vitamin d test was 8
Now 112
One tablet 50,000twice a week
For only 3 weeks
Unfortunately it doesn’t help, still feeling pain, inflammation and stiffness

Sara Lund

For how long u have been taking vit D?

Hetal Sargent 3 years

They say even when level rises symptoms take sometime to go

Hetal Sargent 3 years

You may want to look into taking vitamin k2 with D.

Kara Collins

How to get vitamin k2? OTC?

Hetal Sargent 3 years

Hetal Sargent yes. I bought mine on amazon. You can get vitamin k from food too but I know I don’t get enough.

Kara Collins 3 years


Hetal Sargent 3 years

Your body can’t function properly if your D is low. Getting up to where it should be will help you heal.

Julia Foster

I also just got prescribed vitamin D because it's really low.

War Dennison

For me vitamin d helps a lot in managing artheritis

Minakshi Lyon

You have RA?

Hetal Sargent 3 years

Yes I do

Minakshi Lyon 3 years

Also go to tanning bed 1x week during winter

Carla Barnard

Get a DNA test. 23andme is $99. It will show if you have a vitamin D receptor mutation. If you do you will need to take prescription strength vitamin D to keep it at normal levels if you can't reverse it. Some people's VDR mutation is expressed after bacterial infection. A $30 methylation report from MTHFRsupport's website will give you comprehensive info on all your genetic issues that predispose you to and affect how severe RA is. Infino. Me can tell you which genetic variant(s) raise risk for RA. Once you know the specific gene to study you can get genotyping from LabCorp or other testing labs and look up studies on which RA treatments work the best for people with those variants.

Magnesium, boron, silica and vitamin K2 are great for helping with symptoms and keeping bones and joints strong. Boron and K2 lower CRP and anti-CCP. Boron also regulates hormones and makes bones rock hard. Magnesium must be balanced with vitamin D for it to be processed correctly. Silica gets converted to collagen easily to keep joints healthy.

Melanie Dickey

There are so many different types of magnesium. Which one would you suggest.

Jennifer Cordero 3 years

I used nutrihacker to figure that out based on my DNA results. B vitamin forms and others needed depend on genetics too. They speed up or slow down different chemical reactions in our DNA methylation process and some people are missing methyl groups or can't process some nutrients so they can't complete necessary chemical reactions their body needs which results in chronic illness.

Melanie Dickey 3 years

This article has some good basic info about methylation but doesn't apply to everyone. I have a cbs mutation that makes me much more ill if I have high sulfur like this article recommends. Everyone's needs are different based on genetic profile.

Melanie Dickey 3 years

Yes it will help and yep same problem.

Yoli Cisneros


Amber Moyer

Take magnesium glycinnate cuz d depletes mag. And take only k2 with d3.

Joni Shook

Where do you get these? OTC At wAllgreens ?

Hetal Sargent

Without D we be picking up diseases, feel tired, and excellent for inflammation

Leticia Langston

This has been mentioned but I'm reiterating... Make sure it is D3 and you take K2 with it (10,000 iu) per day.

Lesley Wynn

"Rheumatoid arthritis
Low 1,25(OH)2D3 levels have been shown to be associated with higher rheumatoid arthritis disease activity in cross‐sectional studies. Epidemiological data indicate that >60% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis have 25(OH)D levels <50 nmol/l, 92 and 16% have levels in the range of vitamin D deficiency (<12.5 nmol/l). However, the finding of a positive correlation between 1,25(OH)2D3 and alkaline phosphatase indicates that this may partly reflect the fact that people with higher disease activity have increased bone resorption. 93

Intervention trials with a dosage of 1 μg 1α‐vitamin D were not associated with an improved outcome. 94 However, administration of higher amounts of 1α‐vitamin D or other forms of vitamin D was associated with decreased pain sensation and a significant reduction in C‐reactive protein levels. 95"

Melanie Dickey