My dad has been told while having chemo not to be around animals, are domestic pets included?

Hi everyone
My dad has been told while having chemo not to be around animals
Does this include domestic pets??
Thanks in advance

Rebecca Beach
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Why can't he be around pets, I'm around my dogs everyday..

Kelli Day

I’m not sure???

Rebecca Beach 3 years

My husband went through chemo and we have a dog, he was just fine. I think they are more worried about cats possibly because of the litter box.

Lisa Bass

I’m thinking it’s to do with infection but more likely to be farm animals etc?
My sister has a dog and we are having a party tommorow would be such a shame to not come because of that! X

Rebecca Beach

Hmm I have a dog and my doc did not mention that while I am on chemo.

Carmen Pierce

Never heard that xx

Christine Gary

I was told the same... İ have a cat and i was fine... Good luck

Lizzie Ladd

I never heard if that either. I have a dog and she is always with me.

Erin Bledsoe

I have three cats and two dogs - while going thru chemo - only thing I was told was not to clean the litter box and have someone else do it.

Wendy Wheeler

pregnant also not to change litter?

Joann Kurtz 3 years

I think it's some for the pets safety.. Dont let them drink from the toilet your using while on chemo or radiation.. İ insisted on cleaning it.. Wouldnt let hubby do it... And keep the licking down... İ worried about exposure through my skin...

Andy Hebert

Isn't that the home treatment where you can't be around anyone iodine ?

Joann Kurtz

Doctors are concerned about him picking up an infection or bacteria, considering chemo suppress the immune system. Dr. Dabney

Paul Mcneill

My step mom battled cancer multiple times with all 3 dogs near her during chemo. I think they may mean wild animals. Ones that arent vaccinated and what not.

Karissa Hare

They always told my mom to flush twice while she was detoxing in case u have animals that drink out of the toilet. Maybe that's it?

Jason Logan

yes, generally we are very weak after chemo, so chances of catching an infection is very much possible..

Champakalatha Sweeney

If your doc has a portal you can always ask them directly and get a definitive answer. Off the top of my head, I'd say make sure your pets are healthy and stay that way.

Greg Kenny

yes it does include domestic pets as they go in and out; and they have another gut biome than us; while your immunity is compromised, it is better not to pet them...

Mag Felix

I’ve never heard that! My dog was in bed with me for 10 months!

Pam Hamm

I am on chemo and sleep with my 3 Yorkies. She should discuss as it may be the chemicals that they are using

Gayle Champion

I was told that pets are fine just don’t clean the litter box because of possible toxoplasmosis, also with bird droppings due to lowered immune system.

Alice Pollard

I was told during and after chemo to not be near cats ( mainly their litter box ) also my dr knew i gave a dog and said i couldn't pick up her waste .
To be around a dog was fine, it would of been a huge issue if that was a problem because she's also my therapy dog .

Dawn Murray

I assume its because your immune system is low so don't go "kissing" and cuddling your pets too much for risk of bacteria and infection. But really I have cats and dogs and was always around them during my treatment. In fact my cat was always on my bed while I was at my worst. I was told not to let my kids sit on my lap during radiation due to the free radicals possibly affecting my girls.

Anya Mercado

I heard it is good to have your pet around our cats are always. With my husband when he goes for his nap

Elisabeth Jacobsen

keep hanging with your pets you need them right now. Love up on them but carefully.

Cindy Hartley

I asked our doctor before my husband started. The only issue was the litterbox which my husband never did even before he got sick so that wasn't a issue. We have cats and dogs and everything has been fine. My husband has to sleep in the recliner and one of the girl cats sleeps with him everynight.

Cheri Simon

Thanks so much everyone. I’ll ask the doctor for a definite answer and reason. On balance I don’t think it’s going to be a problem

Rebecca Beach

My husband's aunt came out he wasn't told not to be around animals

Karen Andersen

LOL! I got it!

Cheri Simon 3 years

I was told that I could be around my own pets but around others is dangerous when you’re neutropenic.

Brianne Langford

I never heard of that either.

Sue Madden

My moms Dr told her the same thing. Even indoor animals carry bacteria, and viruses. Not all, but some go outside, and roll around in dirt, and other gunk. Then they bring it back in the house. Even the bottoms of our shoes carry bacteria inside our homes.

Tessie Todd

I have had a low immune system for the last 5 years and I have two dogs one sleeps with me every night and I have not received a infection from my animals and the doctors told me the same thing

Tiffany Hatfield

I was told that about radiation. Not chemo

Kimi Mobley

I have three dogs and they give me much support. Sorry, not buying...

Sally Mccray