My boyfriend has the flu, he is taking methotrexate and prednisone, how can I help him?

My boyfriend has the flu. He is taking methotrexate and prednisone.. How do I help him and what should we be worried about? #
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Can he take Tamiflu? Push a lot of vitaminC, fluids and rest.

Laurel Glass

He should call his rheumatologist ASAP and probably not take his next MTX dose. I think prednisone is ok still.

Sara Hutchinson

He hasn't been awake long enough to take anything other than the natural flu remedies but I think he took the methotrexate yesterday... Ugh!

Vicki Ricks 3 years

Vicki Ricks MTX lowers your immune system so it’s going to hit him hard. Lots of OJ, fluids like Gatorade especially if he has a fever. So sorry he’s sick! We all live in fear of getting sick because of our meds. Sending thoughts and prayers!

Sara Hutchinson 3 years

That's what I'm afraid of!! Thank you!

Vicki Ricks 3 years

I would skip the mtx dose till he's better. Homemade chicken bone broth.

Joyce Gallegos

I gave him that... He said it didn't taste good! I told him it's not about tasting good it's about not getting pneumonia!!

Vicki Ricks 3 years

Increase Vitamin D intake! On not-so-good days I take 10,000-12,000 IU a day!

Juliana Hagen

What brand?

Vicki Ricks 3 years

I am not brand specific, I take any as long as it's in a liquid form (tinctures or softgels)... I have multiple bottles for VitaminD, and I take 1 of 1,000 IU in the morning no matter what, and also 1-2 of 5,000 IU during the day if I feel I need it... By the way, while taking it this way my Vitamin D level went up from 16 to 89 in 4-5 months!!! So yay!

Juliana Hagen 3 years

Thank you for the Vitamin D dose tips, juliana

Hilary Hamm 3 years

You are welcome, Hilary Hamm, I hope it helps!

Juliana Hagen 3 years

I did not stop the prednisone and MTX when I had the flu - just took plenty of rest, ate regularly, drink plenty of fluids, hot soup... İt takes longer to get well and fever took 2 weeks to go

Ritu Connell

Men are stubborn and he won't eat! He drank half a mug of bone broth and won't take anymore. I'm worried!

Vicki Ricks 3 years

one does not feel hungry - that’s part of the disease

Ritu Connell 3 years

I'm at least able to make him drink water and respiratory tea... But he needs to eat.

Vicki Ricks 3 years

Stop taking Methotrexate until he is better. This medication suppressed your system and stop you from getting better.

Denise Herrington

I'm honestly not trying to sound rude when I ask this ... But did he test positive for the flu (I know a lot of people use the term "flu" generically)? If so, did the doc give him tamiflu? My rheumy tells me to call and discuss diagnosis and, together, we will decide best course of action.

Tracy Corbett

No... He did not go to the doctor but he can barely move and has been sleeping all day. He has had it before and felt exactly like this. Tamiflu is not good. But he won't go to the doctor at this point anyway. I believe he'll go tomorrow if he still feels this bad. He has only gotten up at all today to go to the bathroom and switch from couch to bed. It's most definitely the flu... I only want to keep it from becoming pneumonia.

Vicki Ricks 3 years

Vicki Ricks If it was me, I'd definitely call his rheumy asap. I'd also call the family doctor if he won't go in for a visit. My hubby considered tamiflu a miracle drug when he tested positive a few years ago.

Tracy Corbett 3 years

It's too late for tamiflu now anyway. If he's not better tomorrow I will make him go to the doctor.

Vicki Ricks 3 years

You’re correct.

Jayni Vogt 3 years

Tracy Corbett you’re % correct

Jayni Vogt 3 years

My Rheumatologist said Prednisone is an immunosuppressive so it can make you feel worse/catch illness easier whilst on it so I try to avoid - but I’m not on a long term prescription.
I’ve been taking Astraforte liquid for the flu and it seems to help.

Erinn Chin

I was told no methotrexate no immunosuppressants like DMARDs, biologics, anti-TNFs, prednisone if flu or fever.

Christina Quintero

I was told to stop taking MTX if I was ill.

Penny Pena

I do not think it is safe to just stop taking prednisone. I was told it had to be weaned off.

Penny Pena 3 years

He won't stop the prednisone... That's what keeps his RA pain in check!

Vicki Ricks 3 years

He didn't the his MTX dose yesterday, so that's a plus!

Vicki Ricks 3 years

Hopefully, he wil be better by the time he needs to take it next week. Just make sure he is hydrated as MTX can cause dehydration.

Penny Pena 3 years

Thankfully he is drinking water and tea! One day without food won't hurt. He said he ate enough yesterday anyway! He's probably right.

Vicki Ricks 3 years

Chicken soup, warm blanket, soft massage

Kathryn Anderson

And lots of it


Clint Hahn

Did y'all get the flu shot??

Suellen Marino

Hell no!

Vicki Ricks 3 years

That's good. Everybody I know that has the flu also got the shot. Haven't had one in 20 years and haven't been sick either.

Suellen Marino 3 years

I have been told to stop methotrexate and prednisone when I get the flu or any kind of colds .

Priscilla Mclaughlin

My doctor told me to stop taking mtx until i get better with illnesses xx

Victoria Christian

I stop my methotrexate and get some antibiotics and you can only take certain cough syrup. Also see your doctor.

Pauline Neal

Get off the Mtx so he can get better

Shelly Coon