İt's my first time I got pregnant so help me, when I try to eat anything I vomit?

Mama in the house pls help it's my first time I got pregnant so I don't know what wrong with me I don't know appetite nd when I try to eat anything I vomit so pls help what can I take or do I am 1 month preg

Ntshepi Champagne
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My dear just endure. When I was pregnant for my son I threw up until I had him. Trust me it wasn't funny but I had to be strong. Most times it stops after the first trimester. I would advise no drugs for now cos the pregnancy is too early for that. Make sure u stay hydrated, eat well because wen u don't eat the nausea becomes worse. Try chewing on little bits of ginger or bitterkola. It suppresses the nausea a bit. Don't worry, it's just a phase ul pass. It will end in praise!

Francesca Delaney

Yeah.. I know that's why I said"little bits"

Francesca Delaney 3 years

Pls even if u won't take other routine drugs abeg don't joke with ur folic acid oo... Ur baby needs it at dis early stage

Chinemelum Crane 3 years

Ohk tanx mamy

Ntshepi Champagne

it's called nausea, it'll go away with time

Okoro Oakley

U can try eating less oily food it helps

Okoro Oakley 3 years

Pls when is it safe for a pregnant woman to start licking orange?

Chinwa Lacy


Abena Elliot 3 years

Thanks a lot

Chinwa Lacy 3 years

I heard is not good for early pregnancy

Chinwa Lacy

I don't see how oranges affect pregnancy, even when early. There is nothing wrong in taking oranges in early pregnancy

Francesca Delaney 3 years

Ok tanx, But they said the citrus acid content in it is not good for pregnancy

Chinwa Lacy 3 years

Yeah, some oranges can be highly acidic. Just take them in moderation, but I don't think it can affect a pregnancy though.

Francesca Delaney 3 years

It's Lime That Is Not Good

Gift Tracy 3 years

Orange n vitamin C are nt good

Mic Maxwell 3 years
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Try taking ginger tea. It helps

Susana Hodges

Ginger tea isn't healthy 4 a preg mum. Oo

Happiness Wesley 3 years

Dear check ur facts well.

Susana Hodges 3 years

Ginger, water n Honey which form components of Ginger tea are not harmful to pregnancy

Susana Hodges 3 years

If it doesnt go away theres some medicine your doctor can give you for it.

Marci Ashley

It wil go away with time.

Mary Addison

Dnot force ur self to eat ´with time it will stop .

Joy Gonzalez