Is there anything that can clear the infection and heal the abscess in teeth

Hi darren, I have a friend with hashimoto’s disease amongst other things and because of treatments she received her stomach is unable to cope with antibiotics but because of an abscess in her tooth she really needs something to clear the infection. Is there something you could recommend? Many thanks

Dee Bouchard
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go grain free and gluten free, take probiotics, and go to health food shop and buy some golden seal and take that as per instructions for the abcess

Darren Lassiter

Thank you for such a quick response!

Dee Bouchard 3 years

Hi Richard I have an 8 year old patterdale terrier who has been on you move or whichever the vet has now is there some you can recommend for him please thanks fiona

Fiona Herbert

Move Well & Tonic Oil.

Jenni Ochoa 3 years

Move Well and Golden Oil

Darren Lassiter 3 years

Darren Lassiter thank you for and do I get this from yourself if so how long does it take to come he’s just running out so should I go to Vets and get some usual you move? Thanks

Fiona Herbert 3 years

where are you, we are in S Lincs, if to far away order here and it will go out this evening e courier

Darren Lassiter 3 years

Darren Lassiter 3 years
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