Is there any supplement for weak muscles resulting from Rheumatoid arthritis?

Hi all, I'm suffering from very weak muscles. Has anyone come across a supplement that might help? Tia.

Elaine Starr
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I was. I know it hurts but I go to a gym and weight train. X really made a difference. Muscles stronger and less pain

Janet Hammond

Hi janet, I've been going to a gym five days a week for several years, but, since the RA diagnosis over a year ago, I have developed all sorts of problems with my muscle strength so that I just can't do what I used to do. I gather it is a common problem with ra and I wondered if anyone had found a supplement which helps to counteract the weakness.

Elaine Starr 3 years

Elaine Starr are you taking hydroxychloroquine? That caused me to have myopathy. My muscles improved once off it. Also spirulina is excellent for muscles x

Janet Hammond 3 years

Janet Hammond, no, I'm on methotrexate. I was on hydroxychloroquine for about six months but it gave me haemorragic gastritis. I'm now on injections of the mtx as I can no longer stomach pills. I had a bad muscle tear in the summer which came out of nowhere and I ended up in a wheelchair for a while. Also on crutches which damaged my shoulder for which I've just had an operation... But I just can't count on my legs or arms now. I do an exercise one day and they are fine, I do it again the next day and they are suddenly very weak and painful, to the point that I imagine I'm going to have another muscle tear. It's scary. What does spirulina do? X

Elaine Starr 3 years

Are you on any medication now?

Elaine Starr 3 years

Janet Hammond are you saying hydroxycholorquine cause muscle weakness?

Rhona Rodrigues 3 years
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I’m afraid I’m in the same boat. Muscle weakness and slow recovery. I haven’t found anything that helps, except lowering the intensity. Don’t stop, that’s worse.

Dana Gonzalez

dana, it's horrible isn't it. I used to swim 50-70 lengths five days a week and go to the gym on those days too. I'm wondering how much is the RA and how much the medication. Do you take anything?

Elaine Starr 3 years

Not currently. I haven’t noticed a different on or off medications for this. Was on methotrexate and humira.

Dana Gonzalez 3 years

Glad you said, don’t stop. Omg, I kept telling doctors about my muscle weakness, they never said anything about possible reaction to the meds. So darn frustrating. Just want answers, then I could maybe deal with things better & not think about it wondering what is wrong. Thank you for the insite

Rhona Rodrigues 3 years

Taking 5 days to recover from a workout was one of my clues that something was really wrong with me.

Dana Gonzalez 3 years

Dana Gonzalez, have you been off medications for long?

Elaine Starr 3 years
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I too use no meds, haven't for 18 years now. I manage with 30+ raw fruits and veggies in a capsule, other dietary changes, exercise and mindset! It's worked best for me...

Toniann Lynch

Do you make these yourself? I would be interested in knowing more

Jewlz Sanford 3 years

I have muscle atrophy and weakness. I have found that I've been able to get stronger by working out in a pool. I use water weights and this has helped me immensely.

Emilie Kauffman

emilie, is that Aquafit?

Elaine Starr 3 years

Elaine Starr No. I do water aerobics at the Y but I'm sure it's very similar.

Emilie Kauffman 3 years

Was the same last year until May when I started water aerobics 3-4 times a week. I had lost @ 70 lbs, muscle and fat-my legs could barely hold me for more than an hour and I wouldn’t/couldn’t go down in my knees or fully to the floor. Took it slow and easy, continued working on diet and by December went back to bikram yoga 3x a week. Now I can do all balancing postures and love feeling myself grow stronger. Start slow, but start

Clarissa Benson

Do you take any medication clarissa?

Elaine Starr 3 years

Elaine Starr I’m tapering off prednisone, only med I’ve taken.. I’m down to 3mg. Diagnosed last Feb.

Clarissa Benson 3 years

Besides medication I take supplements to protect my organs from the side effects of medication and so far my blood test readings have been normal. I also realise that i don't have bruises on my arms if I am taking them. I tested it a few times, whenever I stop taking it, there will be bruises on my arms and sometimes on my leg. So it has been helping me.

Joanna Timmons