Is rice a trigger for anyone with rheumatoid arthritis?

Fabiano Ruiz
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It's one of the only grains I can eat.

Lisa Harrington

yes it is for me

Nilüfer Denton

Rice is a major trigger for me.

Jenny Quinn

If it is a trigger make sure you check all your vitamins and supplements. Sometimes they use rice.

Jenny Quinn 3 years

White rice is, I can eat brown rice without issue

Teresa Ferrell

yes, white rice, sushi rice, brown rice, organic rice, basmati rice.. Well, you get the picture. No rice for me

Marlene Sykes

I have no issues with organic brown rice. I don't eat white rice though.

Annette Rangel

Thank God, no. Its all i have left.

Shelley Godwin

Can’t eat rice

Siobhan Christiansen

It used to be until I eliminated for 14 months with aip diet... Reintro white rice only and it’s fine!

Mindy Atkins

Thanks guys. Just checking because I've had major pain on several days this past week and the only common thing I could see was having rice on those days. Wasn't even a lot ... One day was just a couple large spoonfuls

Fabiano Ruiz

GMO rice has glyphosate in it. That's a major cause of flares and pain.

Annette Rangel 3 years

Not brown rice for me. Wheat is thou

Ling Trejo

I am a health coach with experience in detoxing pathogens and facilitating the body to heal itself.

When I do consults, I always watch to see what foods might cause an issue and correlate it to why. Rice issue is usually a bacterial issue at its root, specifically streptococcus, and complex sugars are very hard on adrenals too- so you might have AF symptoms and/or vagus nerve issues such as GI distress or bloat/low HCL.

Just things to think about. You may need to avoid forever if you do not heal in the GI and reduce the strep bateria/inflammation. Corn may cause an issue too.

Brooke Cisneros

And EGG!

Brooke Cisneros 3 years

whats AF and GI?

Fabiano Ruiz 3 years

Adrenal fatigue and Gut/Gastro-Intestinal

Brooke Cisneros 3 years

all grains for me... And most dairy. Although I can use whole milk in my coffee with no problem.

Susie Becker

I haven't had any issues with any rice. I do soak my rice, so I don't know if that makes a difference for me.

Ann Wolf

Thank goodness I can eat rice cause I love sushi!

Caroline Landis

Carbs in general are a big trigger for me.

Penny Mendoza

I was just at counselling yesterday and when I saw this I first thought the post was asking if talking about rice was a trigger...

Jessica Skinner

Snap crackle and pop

Fabiano Ruiz 3 years

No but tomatoes are for me...

Willie Katz


Hazel Bates

No... Was my answer

Willie Katz


Fozia Roe


Zully Messer


Veronica Seymour

Yes I eat riced cauliflower now instead. And love it.

Michelle Rodriquez

No,,, earlier it was a trigger but now after 2 years,,rice is fine with me,,but wheat is trigger.. For me. Now I left wheat,,I can eat rice fnely...

Priyanka Numbers

Random for me. Makes me wonder about the pesticides and elements in soil. GMO factors too. Overwhelming how food is supposed to nourish us, but is turning against us.

Donna Stanley

I believe so based on my patterns of flares. I found that quinoa is too. I was trying the Vegan diet route so was still eating rice and other starches. But, I'm seeing an Integrative MD and she has me on a strict gluten-free, low-glycemic diet and it's working really well for me so far! I'm taking no RA meds and feel better than I did when I was taking meds! I learned that rice and quinoa may cause reactions for those with gluten intolerance because even though they're gluten-free, quinoa and other gluten-free grains are often grown and harvested with wheat, barley and rye. Cross-contact can occur.

Julie Ferguson

Do you eat meat?

Sheri Oneal 3 years

sheri I do eat seafood sometimes now since my doctor switched up my diet. So, at this point, I'm Pescatarian. My Rheumatologist, before I started seeing my Integrative MD, wanted me to go Keto and eat grass fed beef, pasture-raised chicken and eggs, etc. He said it's worked well for many of his RA patients. But, I wasn't comfortable with that.

Julie Ferguson 3 years


Ginny Cordova

White rice yes, whole grain not

Yole Rouse