Is red meat a trigger for rheumatoid arthritis?

I have heard a lot of talk about red meat being a trigger. Does anyone still eat red meat? I seem to be OK with it if I don't eat it frequently but I wonder if I would feel better without it...

Christine Hunter
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My symptoms are recent and I put myself on an elimination diet. I also took Prednisone for one month and am on Methotrexate. I am into my 6 week and I still have symptoms. I don't eat eggs, meat, dairy, gluten, sugar, oil, and nuts and seeds since I got sick. My recovery is taking time but my goal is to control my symptoms through a plant plant diet. I cannot advise you except to listen to your body and continue your education into RA. Wishing you great health.

Mary Washburn

Thank you, that is very sweet! I wish you the same.

Christine Hunter 3 years

I have been eliminating and reintroducing - no no's are beef, lamb, prawns, tomatoes, cheese

Helen Murphy

helen, why no tomatoes?

P Jennette Mcnair 3 years

I can only say that they cause further inflammation. For me cannot say how they affect others

Helen Murphy 3 years

Tomatoes are a nightshade vegetable and a trigger for many people P Jennette Mcnair

Christine Hunter 3 years

Gotcha! I need to investigate nightshades. I eat clean before recent diagnosis but haven't eliminated those. Thank you!

P Jennette Mcnair 3 years

Your welcome!

Christine Hunter 3 years

Grass fed seems fine for me.

James Gregory

Me too.

Eloise Prather 3 years

I also heard that bison is similar to beef but doesn't seem to cause problems (I haven't tried it yet personally)

Jenny Cortes 3 years

I sometimes eat meat, if it's served to me, I dont seem to have a problem with it, gluten is the worst for me

Simon Stapleton

No meat no dairy less pain

Pamela Stiles

I have cut back on red meat once a week. Working on cutting out gluten, sugar, dairy. More vegetables and fruit now than ever. But with stage 3 kidney disease I have to watch my potassium and sodium. I have hypo thyroid, RA, bursitis and osteopenia. Tear in the lateral meniscus of my left knee. Oh plus peripheral neuropathy. No diabetes or heart problems. No high blood pressure. So I am searching for a healthier lifestyle.

Eloise Prather

I was touched by your post. I know this RA involves a lot of trial and error and then you have your other health issues. I have an under active thyroid and have just gotten diagnosed with RA. I am too trying to figure out what foods I can eat. I decided to go strict vegetarian. I am currently taking methotrexate. My symptoms are still there. I am sending you a very gentle hug and wishing you healing.

Mary Washburn 3 years

Thank you. I wish you success with your healing also. I needed that hug. Here's one back.

Eloise Prather 3 years

Sorry to hear of the kidney disease too!

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Thanks. Still hopeful for a better way.

Eloise Prather 3 years

Anything that isn't grass fed or organic in generally irritates me. Red meat itself doesn't bother me, but the added hormones etc does. Alcohol is a huge trigger for me, as well as refined sugar and dairy. I just generally eat healthy now, and I ran my first 5k today. I was hurting earlier but I feel great now. Try an elimination diet and reintroduce one thing at a time.

Chaslynn Thomson

Congrats on your 5k! I am on Paleo AIP so I've eliminated a lot but I think it is a great idea to pay attention to whether or not the meat I eat is grass fed and hormone free. Thank you for that idea!

Christine Hunter 3 years

No problem and thank you!

Chaslynn Thomson 3 years

Congratulations. That's great. And a good idea. Elimination is sometimes a struggle. Old habits are hard to break.

Eloise Prather 3 years

Agree with red meat as trigger.... Have not try to stop taking but it works on my friend who had gout... Stop for ayear.. Now he is free

Azhari Shipley


Eloise Prather 3 years

I have stopped gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol. None of them made any difference and my inflammation has continued.

Cathy Cobb

that's interesting cathy. I was about to embark on removing those things from my diet. I have stopped eating red meat, doesn't make any difference. Nothing does tbh

Susan Lovell 3 years

The only thing I haven't removed is the red meat- grew up in the Midwest and love my steaks!

Cathy Cobb 3 years

Steady now, here comes the healing

Simon Stapleton 3 years

Really? I'm still on a very limited diet plus lots of good vitamins and oils. Come on healing!!!!

Cathy Cobb 3 years

Have you tried eliminating nightshades? They are my biggest trigger -- potatoes, tomatoes, peppers (not black pepper), eggplant, tomatilloes -- there are others.

Laurel Woodall 3 years
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