Is it possible if sugar is causing inflammation for the people with rheumatoid arthritis?

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Is it possible it is causing inflammation?? Cuz if it does ... I got a big problem

Susan Villalobos
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Sugar, Insulin and Inflammation
Where does inflammation fit into this picture?

Susu Wilkins

Big time. I slowly eliminated it, as it was feeding my Candida issue, and over time I slowly stopped craving it. Now, if I have even 1 small sweet, I am in a lot of pain the next morning. I am amazed at how much! I never knew until I eliminated it, and "treated" myself to a treat, then woke up the next day! It's actually not worth eating any of it! The pain outweighs the brief fix of the sweet. Wean off slowly to decrease withdrawal, then cut it out and try it for yourself. You will be amazed!

Jacqui Redmond

Is stevia ok

Tammy Mckenzie

Yes. It is derived from a plant and does not have the same effect. I use Truvia in my coffee with no issue at all. The other fake sugars stay away from... Nutrasweet, SweetnLow, and Splenda. All poisons!

Jacqui Redmond 3 years

Jacqui Redmond I use trivia also

Shelia Darnell 3 years

sugar will. Make u flare... U can have steva... İts healthier... Or coco sugar... Or honey

Kathryn Anderson

I just gave up sugar and anything made with sugar. Not an easy decision but being in pain is harder. Sweet leaf, stevia, honey... These are all things I may add a little of if I need something sweet. So far so good.

Tim Stratton

I believe in "moderation in all things" so I try not cut out too many things out of my diet.

Tamra Couch

Sugar is poison even if you do t have RA. Good to eliminate it for so many reasons but yes, it’s the worst inflammatory agent of the lot!

Jo Groves Vogel

Sugar is a major inflammatory for me, so is dairy and meat. I'm pretty good about not needing dairy or meat but I have a hard time avoiding sugar. If you figure out a way to stop eating sugar let me know.

Scooter Howe

John Lugo

Sugars, carbohydrates, alcohol- the less I have the better I feel. Had a soda the other day and began limping within an hour due to swelling. Try everyday, every meal to avoid as much sugar as you can. Start small and be easy on yourself- this is a serious and readily available addiction. Good luck

Becca Tanner

Not only possible but I'd go w definitely.

Jennifer Currie

So yesterday was my birthday, had and last night my jaws and wrists were killing me... All night even with pain meds

Shelia Darnell

Happy Belated Birthday!

Pamela Drummond 3 years

I can’t imagine anything that would cause more inflammation than sugar. It took me 2 years to cut it out of my diet (I still eat whole fruit).

Rachel Mills

try the whole 30 diet!!!! i’m a nutrition major and i spoke to an old professor after my diagnosis who recommended the whole 30 diet. İ’m on day 14 and i’m so glad i did it

Rachael Solis

Sugar, grains and dairy are my worst trigger foods. Along With much more but they are really bad! I can do dark chocolate but not milk chocolate ...

Maria Roberson

I went on the keto diet, eliminating sugar, cold turkey, almost immediate improvement... And that diet quickly removes sugar cravings, and the other big side effects are major weight loss, and the brain fogg from the meds goes away.

Victoria Frost

Big time. I was recently traveling with my complicated dietary needs and managed to stay pain-free the entire time. Until my flight home was delayed and I got stuck overnight at SFO. I ordered a coffee which had sweetened almond milk in it and, at the time thought what the heck, I’m doing so great, I’m invincible. Boom. I’m on Day 5 of a terrible flare. So yeah, sugar is our worst enemy. But xylitol seems to be fine!

Tokopa Hubbard

I had 1/4 of a Mountain Dew and I felt it in my knees and hands. İ cut out sugar from my diet but sometimes u just want a lil taste, n what’s crazy is how quick u can feel the difference, the pain

Delia Wilkins

I totally feel you on that. Dr. Pepper for me. But I always regret it

John Lugo 3 years

Replace with monk fruit. Taste like sugar and all natural. I buy lukanto brand.

Shelly Koch

You will find it easier than you think to give up sugar once you notice the difference with your RA. I hardly have sugar now and when I do I get terrible headaches and foggy brain.
Good luck!

Diane Hutchins

Sugar is a huge trigger for inflammation!

Lucinda Gallo

Glucose is the enemy

Kary Grimm

Yes. Sugar is poison

Tricia Atwood

Sugar freds cancer cells and we all have them.

Beverly Fraser

Sugar carbs and grains push me straight into a flair.

Rozelle Purcell

Absolutely! Sugar is one of my worse triggers.. I use honey if I need to add a sweetener to something. It makes a huge difference

Lina Major

Remember sugar it's not only, candies or desserts. Remember plantains, potatoes and another types

Mary Ziegler

Inflammation feeds on sugar.

Joyce Gallegos

Uuuh ya!

Gigi Underwood

You have a big problem

Tania Corbett


Jo Mack Lutz

Me too!

Lauren Wilson

Yes SUGAR IS A BIG problem !!!!

Linda Mohr

Sugar is the worst!! Definetly poison.

Gail Burr


Marie Cardenas