İs it okay to take fosamax for osteoporosis?

Thank you for the add. I've just been diagnosed @ 55 with Osteoporosis and Dr. Recommended Fosamax but after reading about it I don't know if I want to take it.

Sue Carpenter
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Welcome. My dr also wanted me on Fosomax. I refused. Too many side effects for sure.

Nancy Holley

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis two years ago and my doctor immediately wrye a prescription for Fosamax without even talking with me. I refused ro take it. Went to see a RN who specialises in osteoporosis. She does not recommend Fosamax because it doesn't grow bone, just makes them harder, which makes them more brittle and subject to sudden breaks later. She would like me on Forteo for 2 years and then something like Proelia. She has given me a year to try diet, exercise, and supplements. I am 63, have no pain, do 6 strength training and 1 aerobic session every week and walk several miles everyday. The last break I know of was in 1984... Stepped on my cat's toy and a possible crack in 1989 when I was thrown from a horse. So, I am very reluctuant to try chemicals. Fortunately, I have a wonderful nutritionist who is guiding me through the diet and supplements.

Robyn Myrick


Sue Carpenter 3 years

Supplements of D3, K2, Magnesium (all in gel caps) and??

Lorna Vang 3 years

Does anyone use Boron as a supplement?

Jean Dill 3 years

My mom folds tissue, lots of tissue being folded, drives me insane! LOL LOL

Helen Kay

Folds tissue?

Susan Brandt 3 years

I'm waiting to find out more on this too....

Judith Gamble 3 years

I'm 59, just got diagnosed & don't want phosomax either, not after what I have read.

Bev Childs

I'm with everyone working on holistic ways rather the functional medication route. I have an appointment next week with a nutritionist. I hope she can help along with the PT. BTW my first bone density scan was 49 and recently, at 56 I had another one last March. So, I'm due for a repeat in March when I turn 57... What a birthday present to look forward to!!!

Cheryl Goodson

I was diagnosed 2 years ago at age 52 after fracturing a vertebra! Dr prescribed Fosamax and told me not to research the drug, just start it asap, pharmacist will explain how to take it!
Well I went home and researched the shit out of it and never took it and never will!
The I was referred to a rheumatologist and he wanted me to start Prolia injections, went home and researched it and never took it either!
I do not tolerate meds well, so am doing all holistic through whole food plant based diet, exercise, supplements, essential oils, massage, accupunture, meditation, sunshine, loving myself, and stress management!

Nancy İrving

I think that is the way i am going

Sue Carpenter 3 years

ME TOO! Want holistic well-being instead of supporting the Pharmaceutical Industry. There are lots of alternative treatments that enhance health.

Linda Finley 3 years

My gram lived until 98, there were no dexa scans or medications, I'm going to pretend I live in that world and live my life.... What will be will be....

Susan Moore

My Mom lived 'till 90 and didn't know she had osteoporosis which sounds like she did when she broke hip @ 88. Some of these diagnoses are just called "old age" The drug companies will make a killing; now they are starting to screen males at age 70

Peggy Figueroa 3 years

I have some long-lived females in my family. Thing is they ate natural foods, didn't use strong pesticides, didn't have fluoride, and didn't have the seditary life style we have today. I think that had a lot to do with it. Life was "harder" and those that lived past 50 were made of pretty strong stuff. I am not perfect, but we try to eat healthy, organic when possible. We avoid pesticides at home, use non-fluoridated water and dental products and we try to do some exercise everyday. Just wish I lived in an area with public transport and where I could walk to get my groceries and to work.

Robyn Myrick 3 years

Robyn Myrick Im a cancer survivor, if we look at everything that could get us no one would get out of bed, just do your research and make a choice and don't look back.... One day at a time was my Grams saying!!!!

Susan Moore 3 years

I would add to that by saying do what is in your control for the most part (I was very ignorant about the role nutrition has on health and am paying a price for that ignorance).

Denise Kerr 3 years

Denise Kerr that's because the doctors don't want us educated about other options just take the medications and end of story... Internet is worth it's weight in gold....

Susan Moore 3 years
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All you ladies deserve a HUGE pat on the back for doing your research and making up your own mind as to how to proceed with your health issues. HUGS all around.

Judith Gamble

well said!

Linda Finley 3 years

You're in the right place! I'm 60 and my doctor wanted to start me on Fosamax a few weeks ago also! He wasn't too happy with me when I said I'd like to try with healthy bone supplements.

Jean Dill

The thing with doctors, I don't think they are given the training on how to adequately prescribe supplements. And not all supplements are equal. My nutritionist told me not to use many of the store brand calcium supplements, as they are literallt made from limestone and people don't eat limestone. She isn't thrilled with oystershell as this isn't normally consumed by people. She believes plant based calcium to be the best. But when my GP first told me to take calcium, he said "oh it didn't matter... What ever is the cheapest." He couldn't even tell me how much to take at a time, and now I know more than around 600 units is all you should take at a time, as that is all the body can handle at one time. That attitude and degree of ignorance is what is killing us!

Robyn Myrick 3 years

Same here..... Re: Calcium and whatever you want to take! Then he started listing cheap choices. We'll figure this out together robyn! I'm 60 years young, active and don't have time for vague advise from my general doctor. Please stay in touch with your journey.

Jean Dill 3 years

I'm with you Jean Dill! Too much of life ahead of us to get us down. Doing our homework, staying active, and generally doing the best we can for ourselves and our bodies.

Robyn Myrick 3 years

Robyn Myrick, which brand of calcium do you take and how many mg. A day do you take? I take new chapter bone strength, it's 3 tablets daily which is 770 mg. I only take 2 tablets. Thanks!

Naomi Bright 3 years

Naomi Bright, I take OSAplex MK-7. It is 550 calcium, 1000 D3, K2, and phospherous. It comes in three capsules that you take once a day. I also take Paraplex (for other issues) and it has magnesium. I had been on Calcifood, a plant based powder. This agreed with me as well, but didn't have the K2.

Robyn Myrick 3 years

I had nearly every side effect in the book from being on Fasamax a few months. When I woke up with what felt like a broken bone in my leg I decided no more Fasamax for me! I took other meds then for 10 years like Actonel and Reclast and I am on a "drug break" now because my Dr. Tells me they will do more harm than good if you are on them too long! The drug just builds up old bone till it becomes dry and brittle and breaks. You want new bone growth that is stronger but can't get that if on these meds. Wish I did my research earlier. I am 59 and at -2.5 in left hip. That's only the starting point of osteoporosis. Meds just kept the number about the same. They started me on them when I had osteopenia which is normal for aging anyhow.

Judy Sams

Good luck Judy. I have a -3.8 in myL. Hip. I too am not going t take the Fosamax my doctor wanted to prescribe to me. What is the opinion of using female, bio-identical hormones (estrogen) for increasing bone density?

Jean Dill 3 years

Thanks. Is that pill form? I don't do any hormone pills because of side effects. Good luck to you too.

Judy Sams 3 years

As I recommend to all - no emergency here unless you fractured a major bone with no trauma. This means you have time to understand your diagnosis and to learn whether or not you are actively losing bone. If you are still within the 5 -7 post-menopause years you could be losing 3% with that alone. Or your bones might be stable. Are you borderline (-2.5) and no fractures or are you in the more serious category of a -4 and fractures. Everyone is different and what appears to help someone else may not help you. There are basics to learn on this site regarding nutrition. VitaminD, magnesium, GI health, vitamin K and much more. However, you need a full bone health assessment.

Lani Castaneda

Thanks for the uplifting info!

Susan Moore 3 years

Lani Castaneda, what do you think about taking plant based calcium? Thanks!

Naomi Bright 3 years

It's expenisve

Lani Castaneda 3 years

At age 55, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in December based on DEXA -- borderline category of -2.5 with no fractures and just over a year into menopause years. After much research including reading your book, I've decided to focus on nutrition, exercise, and supplements. However, references in your book (and elsewhere) to the increased risk based on my small build (5'1 and barely 105 lbs), I asked my gynecologist about HRT. She rejected HRT intended solely for bone health in the absence of significant menopause symptoms. Might HRT be worth pursing, perhaps with my PCP who seemed surprised by the gynecologist's outright rejection of it? I've already had an "osteo panel" that did not reveal any vitamin deficiencies or endocrine disorders, although D was on low range of normal at 30.

Susan Goddard 3 years

Your gyn is uneducated about the need for hormones - ESPECIALLY for those with low body fat.

Lani Castaneda 3 years
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Yes I would like to know about plant based calcium also

Jenny Grace