Is it okay to give tonic oil to my dog with sensitive stomach?

Just ordered tonic oil and want to check is it ok to give to my dog with sensitive stomach and also which products are used for protection against fleas/tics and natural wormer thanks

Clair Cox
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This is the flea/wormer clair

Jenni Ochoa

Do you use as prevention or to treat if needed?

Clair Cox 3 years

use as a preventative for worms clair. Darren sprinkles a teaspoon on food daily. It's tasteless.

Jenni Ochoa 3 years

Thanks my dog has just had diarrhoea after wormer from vets want to stop using pharmaceuticals

Clair Cox 3 years

Glad to help clair

Jenni Ochoa 3 years

Trying to tackle a number of issues at the moment, using dermol shampoo and ear tar and switching to raw diet, hoping will all help with sensitive stomach and skin issues

Clair Cox 3 years
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My dogs are on the tonic oil clair and one has a very sensitive tummy, I introduced the tonic oil gradually rather than starting with the full amount and he was fine x

Julie Horn

Thanks julie

Clair Cox 3 years