Is eating green chillies good or bad for health?

Mili Eaton
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Eating 1 green chilli per day is fine.

if you overlimit you will face problems like---


Diabetes-High amount of consumption decrease blood sugar level. Which leads to giddiness.

Allergy: Chili has high amount of capsaicin. High amount of consumption may increase allergy.

Body Heat: Heat increases in the body. One may get more heat due to consumption of it.

Metabolism: It has capsaicin which imbalance the metabolism and decreases its process.

Tooth Problem: Chili has antioxidants which may increase tooth problem.

Bleeding: Chili which increases irritation in stomach. One may get bleeding if they eat chili when they are suffering with piles.

Abortion: Chili increases heat in the stomach. Pregnant woman might do abortion if they eat it in high amount.

Ulcer: It contains antioxidants which may increase the problem of ulcer.

Mohan Cisneros

I am getting into habit of eating 2-3 chillies in a meal and just love the taste but have seen any consequences till now.. Will try to lower it to one now on

Mili Eaton 3 years

Mili Eaton eating one or two or three chilli doesn't make any effect depends on how spicy are they, more spicy will show result in morning

Naveen Triplett 3 years

Mili Eaton - if you soak it in curd and than having it means fine it will reduce its side affects 50 to 70%. Yes as per spicy you can have it..

Mohan Cisneros 3 years

Abortion, like really?

Nima Blackburn 3 years

Nima Blackburn - yes mam in the initial stage if the chilli is too spicy then miscarriage will happen.

Mohan Cisneros 3 years
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Praseetha Starks

Green chilly is not good for health

Hema Corona


Vedamurthy Valencia