Is diet cola a trigger of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I think I'm finally going to have to admit and accept that diet cola is a trigger for me. I have always said that I could never give up salt and diet cola... I now only use Himalayan Salt and as for cola.... Well at least soda water has bubbles Anyone else find that Cola, diet or regular, is a trigger??

Linda Nolan
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Artificial sweeteners are one of my triggers.

Madi Medrano

I never thought of that!! I wonder if I tried one of the cola free... Where there are no artificial sweetners it would still trigger?

Linda Nolan 3 years

Linda Nolan I use an unrefined sugar in my coffee and I don't get inflamed nor do I have gallbladder aches. It's a brownish natural sugar I use.

Madi Medrano 3 years

I actually don't drink coffee anymore since I learned it was also very acidic and should be avoided but even when I did, I drank it black and no sugar, I don't use any sugar really, I don't think I have any in the house. I was just looking at the ingredients of Pepsi Free it does mention fructose, Not sure if I should try it. I know one day my craving for cola will surface again so I might just try Pepsi Free instead, thanks!

Linda Nolan 3 years

I can drink clear soda pops, it was the dye that was triggering flares

Christy Guy 3 years

any soda is a trigger!

Jantina Mahoney

I don't seem to have a problem with plain soda water, just the cola

Linda Nolan 3 years

Oh yes! Soda is the worst for me! The pain is almost immediate.

LashandaLevi Self

Fortunately I don't seem to have a problem with soda, diet or otherwise. I don't make drinking it a habit though.

Shanan Light

It’s poison and unhealthy for every single person on the planet. Frankly, it should be banned as it is slowly killing people.

Ali Frazier

detox the artificial sweeteners out of your body, They stay with you.

Ginny Cordova

I have a strong reaction against diet cola, but not against regular cola. Don't drink either, because I want to avoid the extra sugar.

Jim Boucher

I promise after you give it up for a while, if you were taste it, it tastes soooo gross. I was a dr pepper lover for my whole life and after not drinking for a year or so I had one. Blah tasted only like chemicals and hurt my throat.

Jennifer Burrell

Oh I wish that had happened to me.... I've been drinking cola for some 50 years and I did stop for 6 months... When I decided to try it again I practically drank an entire can non stop it was wonderful!!! However... I think I need to stop for longer than that and then maybe I'd have a similar reaction to you... I hope!!

Linda Nolan 3 years

I do not drink soft drinks but artificial sweeteners make me achy. Not a flare but just pain in my joints.

Annette Rangel

Any diet pop make me hurt.

Tiffany Dorsey

Aspartame found in some gums, diet drinks, etc is the worst thing you can consume for RA.

Bridget Snow

I gave up all soda and drink a lot of water. Trigger or not, it’s still not good for you.

Sharon Barr

Yes finally started drinking water too!!

Linda Nolan 3 years

It is for me, and it gave me wicked heartburn.

Maggie Jewell

I had to give up my Mountain Dew Code Red because of my diabetes so I understand! I started drinking water.

Tamra Couch

Yes! I gave it up one year ago and I do miss it.

Carolyn Kaplan

I don't drink any soda, never have.

Jax Friedman

Definitely! But at least sparkling spring water has some potassium

Rowan Miranda

If I only have a sip I will have sore throat leading to a cold. If I have 3 or 4 sips I will wake up next morning with a severe cold. Not even flashing with vitamin C will help me in that situation. So I stay away from coke, pepsi and the like. Water, teas and fresh juices are my friends.

Mariana Grady

I figured it’s the corn syrup. I had a natural soda and was fine.

Heather Norton

what is a natural soda?

Jantina Mahoney 3 years

Jantina Mahoney made with natural ingredients and no preservatives - vanilla, cinnamon, organic cane sugar.

Heather Norton 3 years

The reason I ask, because i use regular club soda and add lemon or orange to taste and call it soda. Lol

Jantina Mahoney 3 years

Jantina Mahoney lol there are some companies that are organic, non-gmo, preservative-free natural sodas. But now that you mention it, some orange and vanilla might taste yummy in club soda - like a creamsicle!

Heather Norton 3 years

I don’t touch anything with aspartame or asulphame k / saccharin etc in So diet drinks are a massive no go. I maybe drink 1-2 lemonades a year. Mostly only drink water

Marie Klein

Can you use stevia? I make my lemonade with that and it doesn't bother me. I even grow my own.

Annette Rangel 3 years

Annette Rangel yeah fine with stevia but to be honest i don’t like fizzy drinks so naturally avoid them! If I’m on a rate night off, I’ll have a lemonade or a juice as I don’t touch alcohol but apart from that I don’t drink much else but water or herbal tea

Marie Klein 3 years

Unsweetened hibiscus iced tea is my weakness! I drink lots of water too.

Annette Rangel 3 years

Diet soda is sooo bad for you! Throw it away. Artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar. Nothing good about it at all.

Linda Duran