Is CBD oil really that effective for pain and inflammation control of Rheumatoid arthritis?

Is CBD oil really that effective for pain and inflammation control? It's so expensive, I just want to be sure it can help!

Roma Babcock
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It’s not expensive

Carol Cross
This is the site i use, its affordable and worked wonders for me in terms of pain at night, and sleeping. Its the cbd distillery. Com

Stacey Bray

Thanks stacey they only ship to the US though, I'm in the UK

Roma Babcock 3 years

I have the card

Carol Cross

I use a non thc, hemp cbd. I dont have a card, and recreational use is still not legal in my state, so this works well for people who dont have options

Stacey Bray 3 years

I got it too. It is helping me sleeping better also. I feel like I rock and roll in my bed at night.

Gabriela Spicer

Hemp CBD has 1/5000 the potency as CBD from cannabis. If you can help it, don’t waste your money on hemp cbd. And CBD does not help with pain only inflammation. THC is used for pain.

Scott Daly

Yes the fiddlers green is whole flower plant oil. Amazing

Sarah Hobson 3 years

But it does help tremendously with stress and sleep… Which equates to a lot of positives including less inflammation! It's all good… Get some of whatever you can… Very helpful.

Karen Finley 3 years

If only they would legalize it all states! Ugh!

Melissa Ham 3 years

Sarah Hobson I haven’t seen any research on nondecarboxilated flower (CBDa/THCa) having an effect on inflammation and pain. Sorry I looked up their website but didn’t have much time... I do like what they are doing though.

Scott Daly 3 years

Just hit up a dispensary and get your hands on Indica strain. You need the THC for pain management. It's swift.

Yoli Cisneros

Need a site like that for Australia Queensland

Dyann Bell

Sarah Hobson which of the 4 works for you?

Darlene Winter

I use ac/dc in the morning. Only 3-5 drops. Helps me focus and helps daily. And I use harliquin at night. And if it’s been a rough day or weather is changing I’ll up the amount

Sarah Hobson 3 years

I think cbd doesn’t directly help pain but for me it helps swelling and movement. My foot use to get stuck and the cbd gives me full range of motion again. Therefore once the swelling is down I don’t have the pain. You can add a tiny bit of thc if you need instant pain relief. I don’t know where you are but I’ve had more luck with the cbd from the dispensary rather than the hemp stuff that is sold online

Tamara Parr

Question are you running it into your joints? Or under your tongue?

Elaine Pope

they are flavored so it goes under your tongue...

Carol Cross

The Cbd seems to be keeping my nerve pain under control. If I use it alone I have a little more energy but very little pain relief. There is a huge differance in the legal high cbd cannibis through a dispensary and hemp cbd. Both work. Body absorption increases if the cbd is vaporized. I use it through a dropper under my tongue. I also have mmj from the dispensary. I purchased my cbd from hemp from green rodes out of Florida. They sell most of their products over the counter in vape stores. Just learned that one. You could try something like their super potent frogs. I think they are about $40. I would eat about a 1/4 frog a day. When researching cbd use. It has been studied that the benefit comes from everyday use like a viatmin. I’m not sure if there is any validity. My nerve pain from neuropathy is down but I don’t really know exactly why. I have had a major diet change also. So tracking what is helping with what is harder. I guess the easy answer if you could Probly try the frogs pretty cheap if ur doctor ok’s it with meds. My rheum is completely fine with my use of mmj. Safe journeys.

Eric Figueroa

Purchased small bottle at HEB in the Healthy vitamins, supplements and protein mix aisle. It's in the refrigerator section and it's in a Green, white and brown bottle in 2 sizes.

Sarah Torres

Everyone is different. Mum's doc sold her hemp oil for her spinal stenosis pain. Did nothing. But it's helped other patients.

Jessica Marcus