İs being an atheist really a bad choice?

I think that being atheist is really a bad choice. When you die, if there is no God the story ends there. But if there is a God then you are in a big trouble.

Hakim Bolden
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There is no God so I think living your life fearing what a non-existent god might do to you when your dead is very silly and a waste.

Andrew Barnes

what would be the difference??

Hakim Bolden 3 years

according to you every thing we do is a waste

Hakim Bolden 3 years

Atheism does not equal nihilism.

Chris Mcdowell 3 years

No living your life without fear of a pretend creator is not waste that is liberating

Andrew Barnes 3 years

But if there is a God then you are in a big trouble

Hakim Bolden 3 years
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not really if there is a god he would judge you on the content of your character period, so it's most christians that are truly in trouble

Joe Gonzalez

Your god would be your desire

Hakim Bolden 3 years


Ra Man Pearce

what if God ask you to feed that hungry child

Hakim Bolden 3 years

he never asked cause he doesn't exists

Ra Man Pearce 3 years

what if he did.. And you feel it right now.. That philanthropy built in you

Hakim Bolden 3 years

if he did exists and tells me to feed those hungry child I would say - don't be insane and give me loads and loads of money first.

Ra Man Pearce 3 years

God has given more food on this planet than humanity will ever be able to eat. Those starving children are starving because other men are stealing their food. Don't blame God. Blame yourselves.

Erik Richey 3 years

The true God is an intelligent alien architect. Who loves his ant farm planets. Lol

Farrell Walter

Lol. Pascals ? How do we know which God is the right God? How do we know not believing on shitty evidence isn't what he wanted the entire time? If I go to hell for following the intellect your supposed God gave me then he's an immoral thug because at least I'm honest. He's like a mob boss believe in me or else. Thanks I'll stick to not following such a being.
Pascals is a false dichotomy. It's crap and doesn't prove anything.

Andrew Kraft

Not if they are good people. Some do not feel if you show your hair or dont shave you will go to hell.

Tiffany Bradshaw

we're all born of nature as it's energy being(s); we were never created just cloned as all major religions suggest

Walter Perkins

What if a theist believes in the wrong god?
Then that person is going to be in double trouble

Ellie Hooper

they create their own universe reality as nature's living energy being prspective

Walter Perkins 3 years

Spirituality with all it can imply doesn't need a God.

Soi Norris

What if you worship the wrong fairy? He'd be choked that you did. If a supposedly higher being even has logic or reason he'd see the atheist stance as less offensive.

Besides, all religions are perversions of the original message. Are you ready to answer for the crimes of YOUR hate cult?

Luke Milligan

Interesting thought. I've always thought similar. What if free thinkers are the ones who are really in Gods favor? We use the logic and reasoning (which he would have given us) to come to the conclusions.

Chris Mcdowell 3 years

Chris Mcdowell exactly, maybe not buying into the our team vs their team bullshit is the correct path. That being said, it's purely hypothetical to me.

Luke Milligan 3 years


Chris Mcdowell 3 years