Is anyone with rhtumatoid arthritis using CBD oil to find relief?

Aurora Abbott
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I have used a salve by mary's Medicinals that worked wonders. A friend who had back surgery used it with great success (even thought the prescription pain meds weren't working)! It did have THC though so may not be available in your area.

Megan Emery

I tried it I couldn't get it to work for me

Mary Sellers

Maybe the wrong stuff?

Aurora Abbott 3 years

Aurora Abbott most people swear by not everybody

Mary Sellers 3 years

Mary Sellers i understand

Aurora Abbott 3 years

Yes I do. It is a great help but takes a while to get into the system properly. I take the oil. I also take a capsule at night which has thc in it very powerful and the cream which has thc too that effect is almost instant

Kelly Hays

I use koi

Ashley Pollard

My state doesn't allow THC, plus I work in healthcare so THC is doubly-not allowed. But I just started using Bluebird Botanicals Signature Blend hemp CBD oil.. And I definitely notice a huugggeee difference!

Shanan Light

Cbd does not have cbd in it

Wendy Herndon 3 years

Wendy Herndon sorry thc

Wendy Herndon 3 years

Yes Im me if intrested

Wendy Herndon

I live in Canada and was on CBD and was on it for quite a while and it didn't help me at all. I think that cannabis is like the food we consume, some people can eat potatoes and or tomatoes for example and it doesn't bother their RA and others can't eat it at all because it will cause a flare up. Cannabis will work for some but not for everyone.

Diane Hutchins

Yes and it does help with pain. This is the 4th kind I have tried. It came with instructions on how to use it, I think that is key. Drops under the tongue for about 5 mins. Then swallow.

Carmen Yeager

TCH + CBD = most effective.

Nicole Potter

THC or Cannabis oil can come with some serious side effects…and possibly even legal problems!

Lilia Coker 3 years

Lilia Coker side effects can be the case for many other medications too ....

Susu Wilkins 3 years

Pauline Andersen 3 years

Pauline Andersen 3 years

What do you mean? Just diagnosed today and have not taken western medicine in years and am not happy about the idea of starting now

Vicki Vaughan 3 years
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Good stuff!

Evonne Self

I didn't see any difference after trying 2 different brands, I stopped.

Lilia Coker

Here is natural stuff that works for me (I'm off any kind of medication): Proteolytic Enzymes, Turmeric, Glucosamine + Chondroitin +MSM, Vitamin B complex, VitaminD. Natural food diet (no fryes, no BBQ etc, no sugar, no processed food) a lot veggies and greens - we made of what we eat and drink.

Lilia Coker

Yes with a strict diet it helps

Jennifer Burrell

All i take is cbd and thc oil no pharmaceuticals

Leonard Washington

THC, I gees not legal in Texas?

Aurora Abbott 3 years

Nope thats why i moved lived in texas 20 years and it sucked

Leonard Washington 3 years

Yes, could do without it

Steph Stuart

Sorry, mean could NOT do without it. Senior moment lol x

Steph Stuart

Working great for me. 2 weeks in

Jennifer Davison

just started using it and haven't taken anything for pain since!

Rachel Fry

How often do you take it

Tiffany Dorsey 3 years

I do. But I find i have to take a lot of it. I was recently told by a canibas physician that taking the 1:1 is better becauae thc also helps in conjunction with the cbd. I am reluctant but plan to try ot shortly. I dont personally like the thc, but the physician and counselor said that after a week my dislike should go away. The thc is also a stress reliever or anxiety reducer which is a big negative factor in helping cause inflammation.

Heather Shook

So does the THC make you want to eat more?

Lisa Lundy 3 years

I had to try a couple brands before I found one that worked for me. I like this brand.

Kristen Boudreaux