If it were proven that your god did not exist, would you change everything about your life?

people of ALL faiths. IF it were proven that your particular god did not exist, would you change everything about your life? Or would you continue to live as you do now? According to the rules of your religion?

Eric Conrad
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The Holy Spirit is life, His Word has been fulfilled when He did what He said He would by dying for our sins therefore His Spirit cannot be removed from those who love Him. Those who dont love Jesus have been limited to what this life offers so just watch the news, The earthly authorites cannot save you.

Diane Rodriguez

ok. But my question. Would you stick with it? Your lifestyle? İf god suddenly dropped out of everything?

Eric Conrad 3 years

First of all this thing is not going to happens, if, if, if, if, if it happens yes then I will live my life as it is told in my Holy scripture because one and only best book for humanity as I know, it gives rules and regulations for 1400 years ago that are same applicable on today's life and will applicable till the last day.
Because it is flaw less

Tasawar Mcallister

i respect that.

Eric Conrad 3 years

tasawar's comment i mean

Eric Conrad 3 years

Eric Conrad what is flaw less full of mistakes corrupt changed and not even authored by muhamed

Manie Callahan 3 years

Manie ask me, its my religion ask me I am the person who will answer it, 1)-so show me mistake ! 2)- Show me changings !

Tasawar Mcallister 3 years

Quran is not complete

Manie Callahan 3 years
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