I was wondering if vitamin C can heal cancer without chimiotherapie?

Hello there I hope you are doing great so I was wondering if anyone can tell me if vitamin c (ascorbic acid) can heal cancer without chimiotherapie?? If you have any information about it please help me thank you

Imene Seals
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Vitamin C is great to use in a cancer protocol, be careful though most of the asorbic acid is GMO and will do more harm then good,,,also, do not rely on any one thing to reverse cancer, Please understand cancer is the result of many potential underlining root causes. Some of these causes include parasite infection, heavy metal toxicity, organ toxicity, acidosis, unknown exposure to chemical or emf toxicity and many more. To be successful you really want to address all potential issues through a thorough process of elimination

Nick Lacy

Yes, check you tube, I saw a lady showing how to make lipisomal vot c and one of her family members did heal themselves from cancer.

Trudie Case

Vitamin C from a different source can..... You can make your own from ocellated cherries go on YouTube

Monetcielle Tovar

High dose vitamin c IVs is part of my protocol. It helps but I think you need to incorporate with other lifestyle changes and supplements.

LoriAnne Estes

Hello sorry are using with vit c a specific diet??

Imene Seals 3 years

Imene Seals yes low meat low grain mostly veggies and fruit. At first I juiced but haven’t done that for a year but the cancer I have is shrinking and only in one lymph node. I’ve been on tons of supplements and three types of infusions weekly for almost two years. I also use frankincense.

LoriAnne Estes 3 years

Imene Seals Yes it works for few types of Cancer but not all, follow all plant based diet, leave all your worries, Practice Yoga, Try ayurveda protocol and at the end its the best treatment for Cancer rather being killing yourself with Chemo, radiation and surgery

Lenson Donahue

I would personally not do high doses of vitamin c to fight cancer. One of the reasons is that disrupts the enzymes. Dr. Gonzalez was against it.

Fabiana Springer

It’s been working for me !

LoriAnne Estes 3 years

it is been recently prooved that vit c is doing miricales to cure cancer also some scientist had proof that chimiotherapy can cause cancer metastasis !

Imene Seals 3 years

You can do injections into your veins rather that taking Vit C orally, as there is only so much your stomach can digest before you start with diarrhea.

Marzena Major

The IVs I take are 50 grams

LoriAnne Estes 3 years