I was just wondering what a good recipe for insomnia would be?

Hi everyone! I was just wondering what a good recipe for insomnia would be? I know what oils the book says, but I have no idea what mixture of oils works best or how many drops of each oil would be needed to combine them. Thank you

Whitney Denny
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Personally for myself just. Lavender works amazingly.
Everyone is different though.

TaraLynn Mathews

4 Lavender and 3 wild orange diffused is what I have been using the last two weeks.

Molly Tuttle

I did 3 drops each of wild orange, lavender and Cedarwood. Although it did not work for me, it might for you as it has worked for many

Deborah Bloom

I put Cedarwood, Spearmint and sometimes Vetiver on my big toe and foot... Couple of drops each. Works for me.

Marilyn Caudill

For adults 6drops of serenity, cedarwood, vetiver and roman chamomile

Nancy Ybarra

Thank you everyone!

Whitney Denny

Just take one or two Serenity softgels and bam you'll be out. I love them!

Leticia Murillo

Ive been putting 2 drops of roman camomile on each foot and sleeping really well. Before that i was putting 2 drops lavender on each foot. 2 drops serenity over heart and taking a serenity soft gel. Works well. After many years of broken sleeps. Waking after 2 hours with restless legs and not being able to get back to sleep for up to 4 hours. These oils broke my horrible sleep pattern and now averaging 6 hours straight sleep.

Lyn Crowe

I’m glad you found someone that works for you I definitely don’t get as much sleep as I need, but couldn’t get through all my tiredness through the day without these oils

Whitney Denny 3 years

Many of these work well for a while just have to change them after a while, otherwise they won’t work as well.

Anna Alston