I was diagnosed with RA and I am on Methotrexate, any other medication without side effects?

I was diagnosed with RA 5 weeks ago but I have been battling pain for years. Apparently you can have RA and test negative. I'm on Methotrexate and after my 4th dose I was sleeping 20 hours a day and had trouble putting sentences together. It took 5 days before I felt "normal" again. I can't live like that. Does anyone else have this problem and does it go away? Does anyone have any other medication they take without these side effects?

Sandra Herron
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It's called "brain fog" and yes I have it even though I'm not on metho. It's the RA

Susan Carlson

I was diagnosed couple years ago but suffered alot longer.. İ was on MTX but stopped as it took over my life, constant tiredness, fatigue.. And didnt help me with RA at all.. My results werent improving and i was better off without.. At moment i am just takin Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic on a morning.

Khadeeja Cope

Welcome sandra! I test negative too, a lot of us are seronegative. I had a bone scan that showed the bone erosion. Personally have never take methotrexate, but have suffered from fatigue from the disease. I hope you get some answers!

Kristen Boudreaux

Welcome! Perhaps they can lower the dosage? I am newly on it. It "knocked me out" for 3 hours the first time I took it. Now it just makes me feel dizzy. The brain fog is part of the RA. Fatigue can be as well. 20 hours is a long time!

KMarie Langley

I take mine before bed on Friday nights so I sleep through most of the side effects. The next day I take naps and by Sunday I feel a little better.

Tami Sheridan

That's when I take mine.

Adrienne Locke 3 years

I'm seronegative and now control my disease with diet and exercise

Shantel Valenzuela

Have you tried taking it at night with a fairly high carb meal. Works wonders for me I was having the same problem and someone else made this suggestion. So I have pasta or rice with that meal. Big difference would not even know im on it now

Rhonda Warren

LDN has been a miracle for me. I just have some flares because of the food allergy. It's hard to stick to the diet, but I'm learning.

Ruth Cain

Hi ruth what strength LDN are you taking ?

Donna Garland 3 years

I agree! And it's a difficult challenge finding which foods exactly can and will do it to you. I had (organic) corn and watermelon which threw me into a really bad flare these past two days. Arhh. That's now me avoiding gluten, sugar, dairy, soy, nightshade vegetables, nuts, seeds (accept pumpkin seeds), butternut squash, corn, raw garlic, and watermelon.

Kayleen Piper 3 years

I too have found success with LDN paired with dietary changes. Been taking it 16 months now.

Kayleen Piper 3 years

4.5 mL

Ruth Cain 3 years

Oh that's great. Sounds like me. My podiatrist gave B12 shots in my feet. Now my feet feel great. The burning sensation is gone. So glad LDN is working for you. I hope more people try it.

Ruth Cain 3 years

Consider this test. Ask your Dr https://goo.gl/eESys1

George Vigil

Its the methatraxate

Sue Ballard

I drink mine once a week 6 tablets. No side affects.

Nellie Lockwood

I got diagnosed a month ago with RA and went to the doctors yesterday and got given the prescriptions for Methoblastin and prednisolone and folic Acid and in to minds whether to take them as I've heard so many horrible stories about them.

Kaz Nicholas

All of the above poison

Sue Ballard 3 years

These two meds together are amazing. I was on them for two years and not one bit of pain. So I thought I was ok and stopped taking them six months ago and the very next day I was in agony and have been so for six months. Started methotrexate a month ago and this week all the pain is starting to go completely. Am on plaquenil too. I have only heard good things about the success of these from other people I know with ra. It is worth trying. Hope it goes well if you do try. The agonising pain and damage to joints is not worth not trying. Good luck

Fiona Crenshaw 3 years

Thank you

Kaz Nicholas 3 years

Good luck hun

Sue Ballard 3 years

I find lots of water day before, day of and day after helps and taking the folic acid 24hrs after MTX... I have only been on it 10 weeks and now am starting to feel less of the effects you have talked about but certainly the first 6-8 weeks meant sleeping all the time, fatigue, feeling 'heavy' hard to lift my arms and legs and nausea! It is getting better as my drs said it would, as I got use to it.

Sharni Slater