I have Lung cancer and my hands and fingers have started going numb, what can be done for that?

My hands and fingers have started going numb. It used to be just at night but now it’s frequent. Is there anything I can do? A warm bath hasn’t helped. It’s not like Advil or pain pills do anything. What on earth can be done?

Deja William
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I experience this as well. I've tried a couple of things. 1. Self-massage of hands or get a partner to rub my hands when possible. 2. I bought a hand exerciser - can be bought on Amazon- I use one that I squeeze with my whole fist and another that exercises every finger- and I exercise my hands a few times throughout the day - and at night if I wake up with tingling sensation. 3. I bought a body pillow - a large pillow designed for pregnancy, but it allows me to lift up my limbs in particular ways so that I am not sleeping on them and elevating for circulation. Doesn't stop it completely but does abate it a bit.

Anisha Sizemore

Thank you! I will try the exerciser!!

Deja William 3 years

When its going numb I get the tingles it sorta itches in that area too. My fingers get itchy where i have swelling mostly. Anyone else get itchy?

Laury Jarvis

Not that I’ve noticed yet but this a new thing for me.

Deja William 3 years

Yes, I get itchy too

Mishu Craig 3 years

Honestly? I would make an appointment with a neurologist. That may be something, or it may be nothing.

Maggie Jewell

Massage, but in a way trying to gently push excess fluid towards elbow. Sounds weird but works a lot for me

Rebecca Fish

I experienced this before having neck fusion surgery. I had 3 collapsed vertebrae in my neck. I had no idea this is why my hands were numb for months.

Martha Thacker

Try Niacin. It’s vitamin B3. Start at low dose because you get a flush with it then you work your way up. Helps with circulation and blood flow. Look it up on YouTube and it helps. Lots of info on it and it’s natural. Hope it helps. Don’t be afraid of the flush. It’s natural, just start low.

Shelly Koch

I’m going on 17th to try acupuncture. I pray it helps. I take niacin when I work out. Never even thought about it for this. That’s good to know

Robin Weir

Acupuncture helped me when I used to go. Hope it helps.

Shelly Koch 3 years

I feel like when I go through a flare, I’ll take a small dose of niacin and it helps. I hope it continues!

Shelly Koch 3 years

Shelly Koch Thank you that gives me hope. Surely can’t hurt no more then what I experience Dailey.

Robin Weir 3 years

Shelly Koch how much do you take if I can ask.

Robin Weir 3 years

Robin Weir Absolutely! Super B Complex is great too. The B5 and B6 says helps with RA so I just take the Super B Complex which has all the B vitamins and is great for energy. Helps with the fatigue. Hope it helps you.

Shelly Koch 3 years
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This sounds like carpal tunnel. It's from using your hands a lot. Talk to your doctor there are stretches you can do as well as medicine to help

Janice Griggs

Yes sleep on your back arms at your sides or on your belly as well

Janice Griggs 3 years

liquid collagen helps RA

Cynthia Hampton

I adjust my position... Usually when I go to sleep if I'm on my belly then arms down to the side helps me a lot

Karla Campbell

That’s what I do when I’m sleeping too but now this is happening midday. I’m watching tv or trying to crochet and boom no feeling in my finger tips

Deja William 3 years

I get the numb at night or holding my phone too long like a few minutes if that

Karla Campbell 3 years

Have you tried wearing hand splints to bed at night? Probably inflammation around carpal area in wrist which cause this problem. Hand splints for carpal tunnel would probably help some.

Michele Koehler

Check your B12 for sure.

Kay Sellers

Sounds like you have carpal tunnel syndrome which is quite common in RA. The symptoms result from narrowing or swelling in the area of the wrist exerting pressure on the median nerve that extends from the forearm through the wrist to the palm of the hand. ... Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common complication of RA, due to the increased risk for swelling of joints and tendons.

Leony Cantrell

Mine used to go numb at night. I have pmr as well as ra. It went away as soon as I got the inflammation under control so I’m not sure of the exact cause. I am on methotrexate and prednisone though.

Cathy Key