I have a friend that found out he has pancreatic cancer stage III what can he do?

I have a friend that found out he has pancreatic cancer stage III what can he do they say it’s in operable

Bob Drake
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Look up a thing called Asea. Redox Signalling Molecule’s.

Sue Purvis

My husband had this cancer & is on Asea & fit & healthy

Sue Purvis 3 years

Sue Purvis thats great news I will check it out thank you.

Bob Drake 3 years

Bob Drake it comes from Utah

Sue Purvis 3 years

Sue Purvis can you order it on line.

Bob Drake 3 years

Bob Drake it is cheaper to find someone who is able to help you. Where are you at ?

Sue Purvis 3 years
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What is the name of your friends cancer ?

Sue Purvis

I’m not sure I know it’s pancreatic cancer stage III but I will find out for sure

Bob Drake 3 years

The cure to cancer is as follows...

Rick Simpson Oil is the Number #1 must have ingredient! If you can’t or won’t use marijuana it will take around a year or two for everything below to work depending on your dedication and intake.

First you must be on a strict diet! Absolutely no sugars, glutens, nothing with genetically modified ingredients, Flour, Meat, or dairy products.

SIP 20oz of Alkaline water at 10.5% every other day. You CAN NOT drink alkaline water every day as it will eat enzymes needed for proper digestion. This is especially true for those with cancer.

35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. I only feel comfortable telling people to use ten drops a day. I work myself up week to week up to 50-100 drops a day. Too many people have issues though. 10 is the cap where no one has any issues but you are still getting oxygen.

Colloidal Silver. I can only suggest that you get a Colloidal Silver Generator as I do not know of any companies that I actually trust. Making your own is the best option and only way I will suggest.

Far infrared at 109 degrees for 20 minutes a week under constant supervision on an alkaline water day.

Rick Simpson Oil

Colloidal Silver

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (30 drops a day)

Alkaline water at 10.5% every other day

Organic Cabbage Juice

Electron Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Moringa Oleifera

High Vitamin C Daily

Graviola “Soursop” “Guanabana

Blushwood Fruit and Seeds

Organic Alkaline fruits and vegetables

Organic Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Microdose Pure Molly. 10 a day

Microdose Mushrooms 1 gram a day

Apricot Seeds (10 a day)

Organic Baking Soda mixed in Organic Honey

Microdose Ayahuasca (a teaspoon a day) highest alkaline properties on the planet

Far Infrared Sauna @ 109 degrees

Five organic apricot seeds a day. Do not exceed this as B-17 is poisonous in large amounts. Plus the seeds are putrid. I suggest grinding them down and putting them in capsules or putting them in a smoothie.

Exercise as much as possible. Light walking helps as walking creates oxygen. Oxygen kills cancer!

The placebo effect! Believing you will be okay and staying in a positive mood as much as earthly possible literally helps cure you. The placebo effect is a proven method. Your mind is more powerful than you have ever been allowed to believe.

Stay away from chemo and radiation or any pharmaceuticals. This even means Tylenol. Sometimes the pain is too great (Mine is unbearable at times and I want to die five times a week. Remain strong! Rick Simpson Oil is great replacement if you can afford it)

Sean Dixon

Thank you

Bob Drake 3 years

Bob Drake No problem bob! I love helping! It’s what I do!

Sean Dixon 3 years

I can get RSO for anyone who needs it

Sean Dixon

Hi bob, please tell your friend to get the book, Cancer-Step Outside The Box asap. Also, research pancreatic enzymes.

John Tackett

Thank you

Bob Drake 3 years

FECO aka Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Jack Stuart

Get to the BURZYNSKI CLINIC in Houston asap or the GERSON CLINIC in AZ

Dixie Sosa

essiac tea. Cured my grandma's terminal pancreatic cancer in 3 months

Sabby Mccarthy