I am taking methotrexate, folic acid and some over the counter vitamins and I cannot sleep at night

I cannot sleep at night, I toss and turn most of the night. Is it meds?

I take methotrexate, folic acid and some over the counter vitamins.

Janie Bruce
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I have the same problem, also on metotrexate, folic acid and plaquenil !

Maria Seals

Me too so I take melatonin

Mary Sellers

Try magnesium to sleep

Robin Dugan

Yes, I take magnesium citrate with water before bed.

Dana Gonzalez 3 years

What dosage of magnesium?

Charlene Dumas 3 years

My magnesium in in my nightly minerals. mary organic liquid minerals. 750mg magnesium citrate. The calcium and vitamin d help too. Like drinking a glass of milk before bedtime, but better.

Robin Dugan 3 years

Same problem here

Susan Carlson

I take Flexeril to sleep cuz of pain from fribro & RA

Susan Carlson 3 years

Im beginning to think I may have fibro as well. Who diagnoses you? RA dr? Or regular dr? What do you take for that?

Janie Bruce 3 years

A rheumatologist. Regular dr's are less likely to diagnose fibro in my experience. My full diagnosis is RA, fibro, & palindromic rheumatism (pain over entire body). I take Sulfasalazine w/ folic acid to make it work better, Prednisone when I have a RA flareup, and Flexeril for my fibro when my muscles become tense in neck to fend off headache and get to sleep. Was taking Plaquenil but had adverse effect on my vision so stopped taking it and now see a retina specialist because of it.

Susan Carlson 3 years

I used to take melatonin but doc said it boosts immune and to stop. Now trying to find something else that works as good.

Liza Corbin

I just started using moringa tea and it helps me sleep now. I'm on the same medication as you

Teela Figueroa

I had not heard of moringa tea; thanks for mentioning it. It sounds interesting -- do you make it out of powder or do you use tea bags?

Laurel Woodall 3 years

Tea bags. Research it too. Has alot of benefits

Teela Figueroa 3 years

I started sleeping with my pregnancy body pillow that help a bit for me. It took the pressure of my body in certain areas that were keeping me awake.

Karen Heller

I sleep with 3 body pillows and 2 travel pillows all ... This is no way to live ;(

Janie Bruce 3 years

I'm sorry and I agree. Is there something you can adjust with the medication you are taking? Or are they working really well but keeping you up?

Karen Heller 3 years

It might sound daft but since I stopped eating certain foods I sleep better, I found if my body wasn't happy in the day it had a strop st night

Debs Hairston

well, I can tell that the over the counter vitamins aren't helping you at all. I know for a fact and also CNN did a report on tv that showed that over the counter vitamins are not 100% that say what they are or rated very well. Most of them are only rated 0.5 and 0 is the worse. Why are you taking the Folic Acid? Could be Stress too!

Barb Rodrigues

folic is prescribed to everyone taking methotrexate.

Ellen Mckenzie 3 years

Oh, my daughter was on Methotrexate for many years and was not on any folic acid.

Barb Rodrigues 3 years

Folic acid did that to me when I take it with a late dinner. Maybe?

Joyce Gallegos

So maybe I should try taking it in the morning? Bc I do take it at night

Janie Bruce 3 years

Yes. With food and a full glass of water. Maybe with breakfast or lunch.

Joyce Gallegos 3 years

Cannabis works well for sleep, and ambient sounds.

Yoli Cisneros

I agree but it needs to be legalize for its medical benefits everywhere in the country. RA sufferers could use it so bad.

Susan Carlson 3 years

Indeed. I reside in a state where it's legal for recreational use and medicinal.

Yoli Cisneros 3 years

Invest in CBD oil. İt has absolutely no THC but definitely helps especially with rest!!

Sarah Hobson

Can you tell me more about this? I have no idea what this is

Janie Bruce 3 years

it's amazing and good for you and has no thc. Which means no high or intoxication.

Sarah Hobson 3 years


Sarah Hobson 3 years

read about CBD oil it's actually really good for you even if you don't have a disease but will help if you do.

Sarah Hobson 3 years

Try a dose of magnesium. I was asleep six years but magnesium balanced me out. It is cheap and aid digestion too.

Al Rosenberg Glover

I use charlottes web


Sarah Hobson

i get mine from a local health food store. I know it's not sold in every state. But because of the 0.03% or less of thc it's allowed to be mailed to you with no RX. I use 500. Just got a vectra test if my numbers are high i'm going to get a more potent order of 5000 here's the web site https://www.cwhemp.com/

Sarah Hobson 3 years