İ am having a problem of not having my periods

hy mommies in the house iam having a problem of not having my periods last year i never had period for 5 mnths am nt pregnant even nw what pill mus i use this is stressing me

Nomvula Goodson
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Go and check ur body, go for test. Go and do urine M/C/S or HVS. İf u do it, it would shows d type of infections in u and how to treat it, they wd know d drugs or injection to giv u.

Arogbonlo Stephenson

A friend of mine also have same problem, she do complain that she only sees her period once or twice in a year n she has gone for test in a hospital n they said nothing is wrong with her n she also said that her palms always do turn red each month n that it do last for three or four days, can u pls help her out?

Precious Blanton

If her palm use to show red every month, wic means she is doing her period be dat, dat hw she is doing her own period, u can ask any one dar is older than me, dey wil tell u

Princess Triplett 3 years

In her palm that is how she gets her period

Sarah Mccann 3 years


Precious Blanton 3 years

Yes is tru sum it's tru der palm also got a frend lik dt

Azizzat İrving 3 years

yes i hav a frnd lik dat

Nwachukwu Huffman 3 years

Some see theirs in palms and they also give birth, is not strange. There people like that, if she want to conceive, let her count from d day d palms show to know her ovulation

Loveline Albright

Palms how?

Beatrice Webber 3 years

Beatrice Webber e Palm becomes big red n painful n CNT do anything. Some get in their feet

Sarah Mccann 3 years

hmm.. Never heard of the palms one

Rachel Bryson 3 years

Rachel Bryson it's in aq few ppl

Sarah Mccann 3 years


Hafsat Wiley 3 years
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Which type of test do she went for, u didn, t state. Doctor can do test, what type of test. That why urine/m/c/s or HVS is for female. There are other test. But if she has done that, and she is facin similar problem, then her matter may b spiritual that need prayer. When i say spiritual, am not encouragin her to go to wrong places

Arogbonlo Stephenson

Try ginger, garlic, clove and tumeric. Cut in small size soak all together leave it for 2 days, then start taking it first thing in the morning before u eat and last thing in the night before u go to bed. Thank me later

Gera Dick

Can u pound them together before soaking for effective result?

Precious Blanton 3 years

If u like

Gera Dick 3 years

It works like magic

Gera Dick 3 years

I am a testifier

Gera Dick 3 years

Pls what is another name for clove help me gera

Chandy Schaffer 3 years
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Go for medical checkup

Nkeiruka Small