I am doing a juice fast for rheumatoid arthritis and I am in a lot of pain

I am doing a juice fast and I am on day 4 right now and I am in a lot of pain. Omg. I'm flaring all over the place. Has anyone had a similar experience? I heard if I did this I could GET OUT of pain. Not in more pain.

Laura Bryan
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For some sugar causes inflammation. Fruit, even though natural sugar, still can cause flares if sugar is an issue .

Annette Rangel

What are you using for your juice fast

Sharon Kilgore

Cukes. Carrots. Apples. Ginger. Kale.

Laura Bryan

Is it all organic?

Annette Rangel 3 years


Laura Bryan 3 years

Laura Bryan so sorry you are having pain.

Annette Rangel 3 years

I react to apples. There may be something in the food you are using that are causing you to flare. It's different for everyone. If your pain is worse, I would suggest you stop. Some people start with a celery and cucumber juice fast. Regardless of what you choose, if you are having more pain, I would recommend stopping. Today I tried to start juicing again since stopping last summer (it was too time and food intensive for me). I juiced 2 carrots, 1 beet, kale and pineapple. Later today I had horrible heartburn and I wonder if it's from the juice, since I rarely eat kale, pineapple or kale. And I will only know in a few days if my pain increases. I basically stick to 3-4 litres of water a day. Good luck. Keep trying and you'll figure out what works best for you.

Marlene Sykes 3 years

Raw kale is high in oxalates which is a no no for me, perhaps put in cucumber as the greens for your smoothie...

Margaret Krueger 3 years
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I only do one day water fasts, never more as I read over 1, maybe 2 days, should be under a doctor's supervision. A water fast works for me to stop a flare and "resets" my body.

Bridget Snow

Any chance there is another factor, such as stress or not sleeping? Both insomnia and stress are huge triggers for me.

Tokopa Hubbard

Me too! I feel like someone beat me with a baseball bat when I have a sleepless night!

Annette Rangel 3 years

Ugh. Tell me about it. I'm suffering so hard today as a result of insomnia. I never used to lose sleep before this disease, but it's a vicious cycle, because it's the terror and suffering from this disease which keeps me from sleeping, you know?

Tokopa Hubbard 3 years

It is awful when I have to travel the next day for work and pull 16 hour days!! People just don't understand either. They lose sleep and are tired. I lose sleep and I can't walk!

Annette Rangel 3 years

Oh ya. Lots of stress.

Laura Bryan

That'll do it. It's a real killer.

Tokopa Hubbard 3 years

Maybe detox? Hang in there. Day 5-7 should be better.

Shelly Koch 3 years

I read something like that too. For a few days it gets really bad sometimes and then gets better?

Maggie Jewell 3 years

Yes, headaches, joints hurt but then it should get better. Hoping that is it and she starts feeling better.

Shelly Koch 3 years

Yea might be part of the detox process ?

Debbie Person 3 years

I did a fast but it was just water and celery/cucumber juice Recommended on Paddisons cleanse. After day 2 you will feel amazing

Amy Benavides

I always try and only do fruits and veggies only week or two before juice fast to let everything else leave body first

Sherry Serrano

I’m sorry to hear you are in pain. If I were to guess I would say it’s the fructose/sugar from the apple and carrot in your juice that is not agreeing with you.
I would suggest you stop this juice fast. When I fast it’s with water only. I never juice my fruit because this removes the fibre and you body needs the fiber to slow down the absorption of sugar in the fruits and veggies.
I hope you feel better soon.

Denise Rosario

I agree!

Leah Root 3 years

Sometimes our bodies are lacking food or vitamins and that sets off more pain. Fasting isn't for everyone.

Amy Bruno

I'm sorry to hear this and hope you feel better soon. I agree with denise

Leah Root

I got very sick from a 5 day juice fast, it was supposed to be a week but my doctor took me off after 5 days. I was on a veggie juice fast so there wasn't much sugar involved and I was whole foods vegan when I started, so I doubt there was a ton of detoxing happening. I was sick for months from the fast and my thyroid shut down and it took a year of being on thyroid meds for it to kick in again. If you are feeling worse, perhaps you should stop.

Lisa Harrington

Fasting can cause the bad bacteria in the gut to die off. When they do this it’s called the Herxheimer reaction. It causes flares and can cause flu like symptoms. This has happened to me. The best thing to do in this case is clean out the gut asap. I take a capsule with activated charcoal and clay and I feel much better the next day.

Michelle Hastings

Your body is detoxing. You'll get worse before you get better. In a week you'll start feeling better. Keep going.

Serafina Mccain

It's a flare up, not every thing that works for other people will work on you. But don't give up. Hope your better soon

Tracey David

That’s what I heard too. Hope you feel better.

Cindy Eastman

Omg. I had to stop. I went totaly not functional. The pain was unbelievable. I think it was the sugar.

Laura Bryan

Lots of sugar hitting your system at once, especially with carrots and apples. Kale has a ton of copper, which if you are high in copper/low zinc will add to that as well as oxalates, thiols, etc. If you're in pain, I would stop. Hope you feel better soon.

Samantha Vega