I am anxious and hesitant about getting a flu shot what should I do?

Anxious and hesitant about getting a flu shot this year. I was diagnosed a year ago around this same time of year. I was sick for months after getting the flu shot. What should I do? Shot or no shot?

Beth Eastman
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I haven't had it in a few years. I also don't have my kids (5&4) get it either. Personal choice though

Molly Abrams

I wouldn't get it

Carmen Fitzpatrick

I wouldn't get it either. It's sad that so many people think they need it.
If that were the case, how is that there are so many of us that are perfectly fine without it?

Tami Dodd

There is so much junk in them I won't get one...

Suellen Marino

I decline the flu shot. I have, however, gotten the pneumonia shot since that is the complication that is most threatening to me from the flu. Since doing this 9 years ago, I haven’t gotten bronchitis or pneumonia once when I nearly battled it yearly. I realize this may not be entirely natural but, it’s in my arsenal with all the other things that are.

Julee Villegas

There are many vaccines that seem to be worth getting, but in my opinion the flu vaccine isn't one of them. I used to get them every single year growing up and would be so incredibly sick all flu season. Then as an adult I just stopped getting them until recently. Every year that I stopped I was getting significantly less sick yearly to the point I didn't get sick a single time one year. Then I ended up pregnant and got them again while pregnant and once while breastfeeding and I started getting really sick again all the time after that. Could be a coincidence but I've heard the same thing from others recently

Cristina Bullock

My RA Dr said to get the shot but I'm still so hesitant.

Beth Eastman

They are actually told by their facilities to do so. But, you have to make your own decision regarding your body.

Julee Villegas 3 years

You're right. It's just something in me saying don't do it.

Beth Eastman 3 years

Follow your gut and even more so look up the flu vaccine insert- once you know what's getting injected you can make an informed decision

Jess Rangel 3 years

Your doctors reimbursement is based in how many of his patients get the shot. That is why he pushes it on you.

There are many studies in the flu shot that show that it rarely if ever works. It can put you into a flare and set your healing back months.

It triggered my RA when a negligent nurse injected it too high into my shoulder. Resulting in two years of therapy and pain. I will never get one again.

Susan Benitez

I'm sorry to hear this. Hope you are healing now

Beth Eastman 3 years

Beth Eastman thanks. The shoulder is better and I'm trying to hold the RA at bay. Weather change is a witch tho.

Susan Benitez 3 years

NO! Do NOT get that vaccination!!!! Please join us at Vaccine Warriors... For useful info and like minded people!!! it is an AMAZING group!

Ann Burnette

We dont get any. Huge immune triggers... Terrible for my kids too!

Brooke Cisneros

I've never had one and never will. My son was forced to get one for college and got very sick!

Dee Marcus

I get it.

It's entirely individual.

Yoli Cisneros

You are going to get many different replies to this question. It all boils down to what you are personally thinking is best for you. I have gotten one each year for 25 years. I will continue to get one. I have loved ones in the medical profession, nurses and doctors and they all agree with my RA doc. So, for me personally, I have chosen to continue to get one. There is no right or wrong answer. You will only recieve subjective replies based on each person's experience. Make the best and most informed decision for yourself. Best of luck. Blessings.

Paula Crandall

I got my first flu shot 11 years ago after the flu sent me to the ER, and a few months later I had a heart attack (the nurse in cardiac ICU said it's common after a really bad flu, and I didn't have any other markers). Needless to say, I've gotten one ever since. But this year, I was diagnosed with RA at around the same time, and the shot made me really ill. Given the year I have had, and the chemical sensitivity I have developed, I made the decision to forego the flu shot which makes me really nervous because I get sick if someone looks at me. I am loading up on echinacea, elderberry syrup, ginseng, and every other immune support I can find. It's scary, but I can't discount the possibility that all those years of getting the shot have contributed to the situation I am in now. (I have many other major factors, so I don't hold it fully responsible.)

Badria Mcknight

I know this will sound wacky, but it has worked for me. I was told by a very old woman to put a bowl of onions in my bedroom. It seems that people who live near onion fields don't get the flu. I do not take shots and have not had the flu in 4 years.

Susan Kiser

I don't take it. Trying to detox and get rid of as many things as I possibly can out of my diet, home, life. Flue shot is definetly one of them.

Alba Simons

hello. Why not try FLP supplements. İ do not have any shot since 5 years. İ can suggest some supplements.

Nirmala Warner

NO SHOT!!! No.. No.. No. IMHO.

Joyce Gallegos

NEVER!!!! Landed in hospital last time I had it. About 8 years ago. Never again!!!!

Rozelle Purcell

I'm Not!

Carla Barnard

I got the flu shot when I was on immune suppressing biologics. I also had a small baby at the time and an older school age child. These were all factors in our decision as a family, I no longer use biologics so won't be getting a shot this year unless it's a really bad flu season. I've never been sick after the flu shot either.

Janet Bird

You know it is no good for your body ...... Listen to what your body tells you

Mary Kaplan


Tricia Armstrong

Take it. Nurses orders.

Kate Poole

No shot.

Joy Britt

no shot. There is no evidence that it does anything to decrease your chance at getting the flu, but you can be sure it will damage you at the very least in the short term.

Danielle Holt


Rozelle Purcell 3 years