How were women in Iran in past?

Is it Wrong to make laws like this!!!

Mike Gould
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Any law which puts a ban on your social freedom is wrong

Shashibala Mcleod

Oppressors don't give free will

Pamela Yates 3 years

And now manay wastern country is banning burqa. Islam, christianity, hinduism or budism all the the same dogs. All are banning each others choice. İdiots...

Zahra Randolph

zahra, Don't you dare defend this shit.


Shamik Mock 3 years

Its not a choice its oppression

Barbra Roy 3 years

No. Its not wrong. Its Islam

Jibreel Simon

The Quran never says anything like this

Ellie Hooper 3 years

Uhm yes it is

Barbra Roy 3 years


Ellie Hooper 3 years

It is wrong to wear that disgusting head scarf

Barbra Roy 3 years

Fanis why is it wrong?

Ellie Hooper 3 years
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zahra mam.. All are optional.. Except islam

Subhasis Curry

I don't know a God that is fashion trended, but it's more like a culture tradition fashion. I just wish their God wasn't so dark loosing the beauty of religious culture

Pamela Yates


Zekess Pagan

Well mike... Today I might grow a bit unpopular among the obsessed Muslim community which violates the freedom of women... Even in Afghanistan the same thing happened... I'm so glad that Paris has banned this goddamn scarf thing... There's no freedom of speech and expression for women who are actually given the highest priority in any religion... Once I heard a justification about this from a Muslim guy ie women are beautiful so their beauty should be covered... Hilarious... Ain't it... Fuck this religion... Sensible people are moving away from it... Now somebody will try to counter me but I'll tell you what... I'm in a mission to rehabilitate your women from this medieval man dominated practice!!!

Bishwajyoti Carey


Mike Gould 3 years

catholics cover their head too

Shamik Mock

They aren't forced to

Ellie Hooper 3 years

There is a big difference between covering of your own free will and being forced to

Ellie Hooper 3 years

Most Muslim women in Europe & America are also not forced to wear an Islamic Dress. They do it according to their free will.

Shamik Mock 3 years

I'm ok with that but this post is about the place that are forced to

Ellie Hooper 3 years


Barbra Roy 3 years
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Yes it is. The Islamic Revolution of 1979 catapulted Iran back to the middle ages.

Adam Finch

USA is responsible for everything that happened in Iran

Shamik Mock 3 years

Lol, are you high?

Adam Finch 3 years

hey, Did you forget the 1953 Coup which ousted the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh

Shamik Mock 3 years

Mossadegh wanted to audit the Anglo Iranian Oil Corporation (AIOC). so the CIA did a coup which increased the power of Shah of Iran and basically converting him to a Military Dictator.

Shamik Mock 3 years

Great women

Fady Bergman

What!! I've heard over and over from our Muslim friends that women WANT to wear them!! You mean the women actually don't want to wear them, and the Muslim men make them??!!

Jeraldo Louis

it was 1979. Those days are long gone.

Shamik Mock 3 years

Brave New World my friend... Maybe I'm just daydreaming!!!

Bishwajyoti Carey 3 years

Oh, women have changed now and like them?

Jeraldo Louis 3 years

women don't wanna be told what they should wear. So when Muslim countries enforce Hijab, they oppose it. When Western countries ban Burkha then also these Hijabis oppose it.

Shamik Mock 3 years

Indeed... We live in democracy after all... We will have our personal fashion statements whether it is a skirt or a jeans or a Capri!!!

Bishwajyoti Carey 3 years

Keep fighting for freedom

Justin Moseley

Religion of peaceful

Mandar Burke