How to beat your wife "properly" in Islam?

Radical Islam: How to beat your wife "properly".

This is outrageous!

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What the actual fuck

Matthew Long

This is why this so called religion is demonic

Jan Garza

I'd love to see this misogynistic, uneducated, frail old bastard attempt to beat my wife 'lightly'. She would kick seven shades of shite out of him... But spare his face so he could stay pretty.

Robert Pena

what a shit

Lydia Ledford

go to hell

Lydia Ledford

Idiot Cameljockey...

Rudi Griffith

There is a beating etiquette

Adderly Mcallister

Beating etiquette.... Wut?

Ishan Couch

WTF,, limitless insanity

Zues Larsen

This religion should be banned in Canada.

Ken Daniel

This is unbelievable

Charles Macias


Reece Crawford

FIRSTLY, any shit thing you place into an orbit is a satellite... And people can make it way, way more lighter.... What so strange?? Secondly, what's your problem with fasting being cancelled??

Mohaiminul Nix 3 years

"an artificial body placed in orbit round the earth or another planet in order to collect information or for communication." - Try again? Who cancelled not eating during the day and stuffing yourself at night?

Reece Crawford 3 years


Lanie Ellison

Is this the reason why islam is not allowed in Japan?

Dis Justice

What about hitting a men, by women ?

Mike Horne

as if these ideas were progress compared to more civilized parts of the world

Gerald Penn

Islam at its best

Fran Mckinnon

And they want to bring that to America?! LOL

Jessica Crain

what a Bullshit.. They should ban all primitive idealogy in developed countries.. İt is contagious and harmful ..

Zues Larsen 3 years

What did you bring to America Jessica Crain ??? A murderous barbaric white cult.... Ancestorial buiseness of robbery.......

Mohaiminul Nix 3 years

What if the wife violates husbands rights??? What "primitive ideology" stands for? What else should be done? Ghamjan Swati. ??

Mohaiminul Nix 3 years

Did you assume my family’s origins? Not like that would even be relevant, but hey if that’s how you choose to “defend” Islam you’re just proving the point why America doesn’t need it. We’re talking current events sweet cheeks. Most of us want to progress and do better. Not go backward where men can beat on their women and get away with it.

Jessica Crain 3 years

mohaiminul Islam as a faith I do not have problem with, but as a political ideology and system is totally primitive. I believe man of the day is smart enough to run itself, it does not need any divine intervention to dictate the rules of its society. mohaiminul

Zues Larsen 3 years
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Where are the references?
This guy is full of it

David Mead

Cant wait until these star wars lookin muthafuckas die off

Andrew Cantrell

Star wars!!! I am really interested to know what does that mean?

Tina Draper 3 years

These old backward muslims dress like they just stepped out of the mos isley bar

Andrew Cantrell 3 years

Ohh but Islam is love!!
More like a Barbaric cult

JA Alfre Adkins

What should be done in case wife violates husbands right??

Mohaiminul Nix 3 years

Sure descendant of criminals never loves a rightful judge. The judge is so barbaric.... Because he opted justice.

Mohaiminul Nix 3 years

If a wife violates a husbands rights it should be discussed... İf it cant be resolved a simple divorce and seperation is ample. No need for barbarity and violence Mohaiminul Nix.

Andrew Cantrell 3 years

Wife gets an amount of money as part of marriage ... So that way ot will become a buiseness.... Marry. Divorce.... Money... What if wife even disagree to divorce??..... Husband can't divorce alone in western culture.

Mohaiminul Nix 3 years

Matter is not only cooperation... İt's about breaking law.. discussion is the first step... So called beating comes way later... As the final step to save marriage... And that doesn't injure her YOU CAN'T BE BRUTAL WITH A TOWEL.

Mohaiminul Nix 3 years
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What if your wife is ugly from the start? (And that's the reason to hide her in hijab) do you not beat her until she's less ugly?

Danny Mccarthy

It's not Islam, it's religion

LJ Jake Norman


Charles Cervantes

Very helpful

Uday Marcum