How silly can a god that creats his own enemy be?

Honestly, why?


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It is to serve a purpose

Jan Garza

no purpose

Krishna Orozco 3 years

Your knowledge is limited then if that's your thinking

Jan Garza 3 years

Jan Garza And the purpose is?

Adrian Curtis 3 years

Bored perhaps ?

Dimitris Pruitt

Just shows how ignorant of the subject you are. That's all.

Manuel Hooker

oh really? İt sounds more to me like your poor excuse of a god aint shit.

Lisarene Sweet 3 years

A christian may argue that God created free will for human beings and his angels to not be robotic in the way they act, the beauty of mankind is surely out ability to do goo or bad? Another argument says that God created evil (the devil) as a possibility in order for us to be able to learn and grow as humans. Imagine a natural desaster like an earthquake, it is a bad thing and people may die but it also created the opportunity for us to demonstrate courage and strength in helping others. Im not a Christian but im just throwing out a few ideas, its not always black and white

Archie Delarosa 3 years

because you have a shallow mind.
Only selfish people do 100 percent “good”.

And you haven’t even ask your self this question... Because you’re shallow af...
“How would you know the good? If there was no bad?”.
Booom mimdblown.

Aurelio Medeiros

no. Not even close

Lisarene Sweet 3 years

lisarene Because your mind is stuck in one corner. You cannot picture anything without a background. You’re stuck on the stage of “let me find domaine to blame”

Aurelio Medeiros 3 years

aurelio no, im not. İts an honest question that im yet to get an answer to.

Lisarene Sweet 3 years

Lisarene Sweet The universe is a big computer. The mother board of a computer today is derived from the pyramids of the pagans. Yes. This is a fact. Computer needs to run on electricity. Electricity has negative and positive charge... That’s have already explained by science. what else you want to know?

Aurelio Medeiros 3 years

I’ll tell you more Truth... Keep me alive pls.

Aurelio Medeiros 3 years
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Man has both inside him... God and satan

Mike Gould

A motherboard of today’s computer is derived from the pagans architectural intelligence.
Today’s electricity is proven to have Positive and Negative charge...
damn people wake up... Until you remember my name.


Aurelio Medeiros

This is the temple of Edfu dedicated to Horus.


Aurelio Medeiros

The truth about life and death:
It is life-changing from page one. Nothing is more important than reading it and checking it is true for yourself.

Albert Devine

because its a fusion religion. The good god vs evil god is a persian element. İts a hodge podge where stuff just isnt consistent

Eric Conrad

duality, all is god, like in hot and cold are the same thing where on the scale does hot end and cold start, just our perception says where its at

Michael Kirby

Cold is only the absence of heat.

Jessica Herrera 3 years

Jessica Herrera so like they are the same?

Michael Kirby 3 years

We measure cold using the same measurement we use for energy/ heat. The more cold something is, the less energy/ heat is present. Perhaps evil is like cold. Satan is the bond- breaker. He disrupts the bond in one mighty reaction, and now there is no God/ good in or even available to him

Jessica Herrera 3 years

And not very powerful either. He had to wrestle all night with Jacob before he could win. Genesis 32:30

Jim Delaney

God never creates enemies. Lucifer is God's angel who revolt to God.

Rodrigo Johns

That's how the story is told for our comprehension am sure it was told in that manner for a rightful purpose

Dre Lake 3 years

Devil is not created

Jet Sewell

Yes, mythical stories are like that.

Peter Cole

they work together...

Stefan Marino

It's about good and evil that you have choose

Mike Horne


Nubs London


Gongore Prather

For fun..... Like India created Pakistan for fun.

Varun Carlton

Satan is a enemy of mankind not of god

Shareeq White

All things have a season and a reason behind them. I will admit that I do not understand the existence of a great deceiver. I can not understand all things god has done but what is important is that I come to understand what it is God wants of Me

Troy Bonds

The same reason the us creates its own enemies. Sheep follow the herd so much better when they are freaked out.

Scott Murphy

There's no intelligence to this post

Curt Foley

He wasn't originally the devil, unitl he makes choices that led him to becoming the devil.

Lehi Burkett

Satan is not God's enemy. He's our enemy.

Jesus will RUIN satan at Armageddon.

Alex Longoria

If your god is so hard, why can't he do it now? What's the point if letting him be around this long? My guess is that he's ficticious. They both are. The devil exists to scare people with, and look, it's still working.

Lisarene Sweet 3 years

So hard? What does that mean? Do what now? God has a plan and He's letting it play out. Billions of people have yet to be born before His plan comes to fruition. Do you want those people to not ever exist?

Alex Longoria 3 years

thats a stupid long wait

Don Crawford 3 years

you can choses you friends but when one of your friends envy's you then he becomes your enemy

Alex Marin

sensing a blame game for free will based in humor. Lol

Marin Dye

Not enemy, just a tool, created and kept for a test run purpose,.. Like you set obstacles in a obstacles race.

Muhammad Dunbar

And, given most religious arguments for theodicy this god set up a system whereby the devil wins by default.

Craig Cano

your punisher

Michael Kirby

cool = if god made man as a ones image. Then gods too my have genitalia = = thank you

Gihan Hogan


Natan Huynh

He’s still an Angel.
An angel isn’t a position, it’s somewhat Race.
If isn’t, well, he wasn’t just an angel, he became god with small letter g.

Aurelio Medeiros

Angel isn’t a position but somewhat race.
For there to be a light, there must be darkness.
That’s why you think some people are dumb because you think you’re better than them... (you don’t mean no harm when you say it, it’s simply factual)
don’t just look at the Bible, we all the way back to sumarian history and this is being hidden by the Vatican.
Satan has an amazing story search for it.
He wasn’t just evil.. He knew what God wants and he simply think it’s lovely idea so he want it as well... Simple as that.

Aurelio Medeiros

Satan is rather a creation with a specific role..

And if you wonder why we have all these poverty and problems in the world, it is because we cant take responsibility..

Also satan has a problem with it.. He blames God for his nature of being..

Iraj Denny

Also he is no angel.. In christianity they call him a fallen angel but in Islam which is a better version of monotheism they call him a jinn. Jinn and humans have a thing in common and that is free will..

Angels dont have a free will and do whatever God asks of them without questioning..

Ps.. Please dont act like a spoiled little retard towards me... I am just sharing info about Islam and i am not your enemy..

Your enemy is your own ignorance..

Iraj Denny