How much Vitamin C should i take if I have a virus?

How much vitamin c do i take if I have a virus
Nicole Morgan
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Depends what kind of vitamin c you’re using. It’s recommended to take it to bowel tolerance (until you have a loose stool then cut back the dosage slightly and that’s your dosage) and to take it every few hours.

Sonni Jacobson

Sodium absorbate

Nicole Morgan


Sonni Jacobson 3 years

But do I start with a 1/4 tsp every few hrs? Or morr

Nicole Morgan 3 years


Nicole Morgan 3 years

I would start with that and see how you tolerate. If nothing up to 1/2 tsp and see. Etc.

Sonni Jacobson 3 years

You’ll know within an hour or two if you’re not tolerating it. It was pretty quick for my daughter.

Sonni Jacobson 3 years

You can take a thousand mg until your bowels become loose then stop

Sara Oneil

Use essential oils and good whole food based vitamins with natural vitamin c as opposed to synthetic. Vitamin c is not the only thing to use while sick. Your body needs plenty of support from different natural modalities. I’m a certified essential oil educator if you have any questions.

Caroline Downs

What vitamin c and oils do you recommend

Nicole Gifford 3 years

I get my daily intake of vitamin c through dōTERRAs lifelong vitality vitamin pack. Multivitamin, cellular health vitamin, and omega 3,6,and 9. They are 100% bioavailable meaning no synthetics or fillers. They are made from whole food plant based based materials and essential oils so our body instantly recognizes the nutrients and can use them. DōTERRA frankincense, On Guard, lemon, melaleuca, oregano. I offer free coaching and can help you with any questions you may have if your interested just message me. I travel a lot teaching essential oil education but can always talk between travel.

Caroline Downs 3 years

You can take as much as you want. Vitamin C is not a vitamin that stays in your fat. It flushes out. But if it starts to give you loose bowels, then stop and drink water.

Mary Blanchard

Your body will only absorb what it needs.

Connie Prather

Take to bowel intolerance unless pregnant. Then don't take that much.

Ginna Yu

We use about a tsp every few hours until bowl intolerance and then the same amount it took the next day

Mandy Colbert

Every hour as much as you can handle

Grace Deleon

Sodium ascorbate!

Kat Talley

Yes that's what I have

Nicole Morgan 3 years


Lori Soto 3 years

Yeah, why?

Ziah Mccormick 3 years

It has soy in it

Lori Soto 3 years

And is synthetic

Lori Soto 3 years
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Use natural vitamins. Most synthetic vitamin c will cause cancer in the long run

David Bernard

Sodium absorbate is good tho right

Nicole Morgan 3 years

limes, lemons and oranges even better.

Natasha Clark 3 years

Do you have evidence of this statement

Sonni Jacobson 3 years

Sonni Jacobson I'm so confused by all this

Nicole Morgan 3 years

Nicole Morgan I understand whole food c is best but have seen these claims that others cause cancer but never actually seen any solid information stating this ever.

Sonni Jacobson 3 years
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I take 2 1,000 mg a day

Britney Norton

Two 1000mg or 21,000

Nicole Morgan 3 years

2 1,000

Britney Norton 3 years

Hot showers or bath for viruses, they don't like heat, I also recommend taking camu camu powder

Marcela Boyer

Also be sure and take VitD3 and enough of it. I take 10,000 units everyday year round.

Jan Crump