How many people suffered a heel fracture due to poor bone mass?

How many people suffered a heel fracture due to poor bone mass? If so how did the heel fracture happen? I just tripped and got a fracture.

Maria Ferris
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So sorry hope it heals quickly.

Nancy Holley


Maria Ferris 3 years

Oh the dreaded calcaneus fracture...... Slowest healing bone in the human body! I was knocking a spider web down off my deck, reached out too far and fell 3-3.5 ft. Actually landed on my feet but right foot hit ground first and also fractured my tibia.... Needless to say, down I went. It's amazing how heavy just one leg is that cannot perform it's duty. I spent over 3 months stuck in a bed only hopping 15 hops to the toilet and back via a walker. Sent my body in what's called a total body breakdown. That was over 2 yrs ago. That fracture has altered my life FOREVER...... I REALLY FEEL FOR YA!!

Jenny Padgett

What type of fracture did you have?

Maria Ferris 3 years

Shattered the calcaneus and tibia broke at the knuckle CLOSE to my knee..... Now have a rod in my leg... Was going to do surgery on the calcaneus as the waited for swelling to go down but got a blood clot so no go for that surgery..... Docs said luckily all my pieces lined up and hadn't shifted. It takes just as long for that heel bone to heal regardless if you had surgery or not..... Over 3 months no weight bearing.

Jenny Padgett 3 years

Oh no you got a blood clot from not moving around?

Maria Ferris 3 years

No from the iv site

Jenny Padgett 3 years

The sz of a large grape

Jenny Padgett 3 years
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