How many of you with rheumatoid arthritis have had success with acupuncture?

How many of you have had success with acupuncture? I have an appointment today and I’m hoping to get some relief from it.

Jennifer Chase
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Not me

Deepanjali Huynh

Yes. I had an awesome practitioner but she closed. She helped me more than anyone or anything. The new person is Ok but I don't think I go enough.

Annette Rangel

Yeah, it’s unfortunate that insurance doesn’t cover it. I’m sure I won’t be able to go very often, but I just got an acupressure mat that I’m going to use at home as well.

Jennifer Chase 3 years

Jennifer Chase how do you like the Matt I waa thinking of trying one

Stephanie Clarke 3 years

Stephanie Clarke I had one a few years ago that I ended up getting rid of, but I’m in a very different place/mindset now about healing. I just got this new mat last night so I’ll keep you posted. The one I just bought is different from the old one I had and so far I really like it.

Jennifer Chase 3 years

jennifer I need to go at least twice a month. She is very reasonable. My challenge is time. She is an hour away, I travel for work so it's a very slim window for me. I also use a mat. I think it helps. Very relaxing.

Annette Rangel 3 years

Jennifer Chase what kind of Matt and where did you get it?

Stephanie Clarke 3 years
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Please let me know how it goes. I'm curious.

Jessica Parra

It didn't help. But I went only two times. I hope it would help after more visits.

Malina Couch

I think it takes more time and being consistent, but at least you tried it.

Jennifer Chase 3 years

it did not help me at all

Marlene Conrad

Didn't help my RA at all, but did completely cure my plantar fasciitis about 20 years ago and it's never returned.

Lisa Harrington

It helps me a lot. I stopped going for a couple years and noticed a big difference when I started back up. Everyone reacts differently so it's worth trying for a few months. I have Kaiser and I get 12 visits a year. I go once a month so I don't have to pay anything. It's worth double checking with your insurance especially since you'll often get different answers from different people. The acupuncturist may be able to help with what specific questions need to be asked when talking to the insurance company.

Kristen Norton

It helped my 2 tears in my hip labrum and no more allergies.

Carey Abel

May I ask where did you have the pain from the torn hip labrum? How did it happen? Did you need surgery?

Marlene Conrad 3 years

It's very relaxing for a few hours.. Afterwards. But comes right on back.. I hear great things though for stroke patients though.

Catherine Hogan

Yes, it’s wonderful!

Michelle Hastings

As you have more sessions the results last longer. Worth noting, I feel tired the night and day after, but then I feel amazing. It’s normal to feel wiped out right afterwards because of the energy movement in your body.

Michelle Hastings 3 years

Yes! Wouldn’t be functioning with out him. It has to be the right one though. First time was at Kaiser, no improvement at all. Then I found this one through a friend. Absolute miracle worker, he has recently retired:( but his son has taken over and he is helping me tremendously. I go now to maintain where I am... Every 2-3 weeks. Eventually 1 time a month again.

Yvette Fink

I absolutely swear by acupuncture. I’ve been going once per week and I’ll soon be switching to once every other week. It helps so much with the pain in my feet. It took about 3 sessions to truly feel the difference.

Courtney Little

Nope. In fact the acupuncturist had to stop after making it worse

Bobby Bender

It definitely helps me.

Dee Marcus