How do you confirm that only your religion/god is correct, others are wrong?

Khurshed Stanton
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I do not do so. It is recognized that the evil in Heaven chased Gods with as many of their Saints into this world.

Princess Elliott

You don't confirm that others are wrong. You find the Religion that best conforms to your philosophy and theological perspective. Presumably, based on your own personal research.

Jason Earl

There is only one God, but manny different names..

The different names dont tell us anything about what God is- essence, but tell us something about humans and their culture..

God has attributes, and they say these attributes are infinite..

Iraj Denny

"There is only one God" prove it.

Vegard Yu 3 years

The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Ellie Hooper 3 years

I just wanted to add that my comment was an opinion of mine.. I also studied some philosophy in the Netherlands, and i am not going to write an essay about this on fb. My believe is also personal, nobody else needs to believe what i believe..

Iraj Denny 3 years

in religion, please thing only foryou.

Nauara Reynolds

the prophet Mohammed said : "who didn't take Islam as a religion, so no religion for him" before he died, that's means only islam is correct, and all the other prophets including ( the son of Meriem, Noah...) were following Mohammed. And Islam religion.

Hamza Whittaker

So you belive caus it sayes so in a book?

Vegard Yu 3 years

I believe Because of alot of things

Hamza Whittaker 3 years

They are all good since a God or Gods is only a human mind notion. The one, the many or the none, same mind origin.

Soi Norris

Gravity is a human mind notion. Weight is observable and provable but gravity is a concept one man is still trying to work out much like God except in its complexity. You would understand this if not for your religious bias

Troy Bonds 3 years


Bible was correct that universe has a beginning.
Modern science confirms it.

Thanks for reading

Jun Vaughn

beginning but not creation.

Soi Norris 3 years

There were 2 question

Khurshed Stanton 3 years

Bible - universe began. Old science- universe Eternal Modern science corrected old science Soi Norris Khurshed Stanton

Jun Vaughn 3 years

Not true. Science only knows the observable universe. We know it's uncreated with no beginning nor end. That's science today in 2018.

Soi Norris 3 years

Your heart tells u whats right to the best of your satisfaction..

Mike Gould

Individual research

Javala Rhoades

Your sentence is wrong

Nirmal Starnes

Correct plz

Khurshed Stanton 3 years

but you know what he really mean? What that sentence mean?

Edmund Hopkins 3 years

All are wrong, as long as claim exclusivity. Only personal experience/revelation might be right, but then it is subjective. Hard work to study many religions and extract the general truth and accept one's ignorance. Only then one know anything, however little.

Wojciech Dotson

and why for soo many gods we dont see/know/heard them fighting, only their pawns making chaos, killing itselves here on earth. Why believer why?


Edmund Hopkins

I like that laughing budda

Khurshed Stanton 3 years

yeah, that budha was been fingered by jesus at the back, see jesus thumbs up?

Edmund Hopkins 3 years

You are absolutely wrong

Anmol Dickerson

Everyone is right.. There is only one God

Gill Conrad

All are wrong, 'coz they are omitting themselves from considering their own Soul is divine & therefore of Godly nature

Pandurangarao Jefferson

Soul has nothing to do with the human mind notion of a God or Gods.

Soi Norris

U have no idea... Just a guess.

Mike Gould 3 years

You will never know

Soi Norris 3 years

When we die.. We may ..

Mike Gould 3 years

So if there's always been "god", since the beginning of time, the best proof you have is we'll find out when we die????

Lisarene Sweet 3 years

To know for sure. I think do. Unless he appears to you.. B4 that which i doubt..

Mike Gould 3 years
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You can't.,!! It's the luck of the draw.,;!;
Pic and hope you choose wisely

Suzanne Edwards

If Your religion and God adds value to your life and requires you to live in peace and harmony with all beings on earth, then this Religion and god is good.

Maligret Starnes

By study whole religions

Joe Painter

which whole?

Krishna Orozco 3 years

Christianity, jewism, Hinduism, islam etc.

Joe Painter 3 years

If your religion teaches you to be good. Do good, love all and serve all without discrimination..then it is good..

Maligret Starnes

dharma the only path

Krishna Orozco

I can confirm that my religion is the most scientific.

Kapil Sweet

Confirmed by GOOGLE!

Craz Moyer

I’m convinced about mine, and it’s ok if you are not.

Abrar Holbrook