How do the people with Rheumatoid Arthritis force their fingers, hands, toes, etc to stay in place?

How do you guys force your fingers, hands, toes, etc to stay in place? I refuse to let them keep changing...

Adriana Pittman
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I've seen people post pictures of finger splints that look like jewelry. I can't remember what they call them though. They look really awesome. Maybe you could scroll through the photos and then read the comments.

Teresa Zavala

I saw some toe splints at Walmart but have not tried them.

Kristen Boudreaux

I found a couple of the photos. I think these look pretty stylish for being a medical device.


Teresa Zavala

Would not mind these

Monica Dunham 3 years

These are devices?

Erica Barrera 3 years

Erica Barrera they called them splints.

Teresa Zavala 3 years


Erica Barrera 3 years

Well they are pretty jazzy

Erica Barrera 3 years
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Teresa Zavala

These definitely look like they would stabilize the joints better than the other pretty set.

Leah Root 3 years

Leah Root I completely agree. I think they look pretty cool.

Teresa Zavala 3 years

where are they from. I want some. Badly

Bee Welch 3 years

Bee Welch I remember people saying they got them on Amazon for one. I'm just passing on the photos that were posted a few months ago from someone else. I don't know the details. Sorry. I would just do some searches for pretty finger splints and things like that.

Teresa Zavala 3 years

Leah Root that won't help the knuckles though. Just saying. I recently had knuckles replaced in my right hand.

Lina Major 3 years

I have silver splints for a couple of my fingers and resting hand splints.

Serena Alston

Do they work? Do they pause or slow down the deformation of the fingers?

Adriana Pittman 3 years

Adriana Pittman they have for me! I've had RA for 19 years (and no conventional RA drugs for 11 years) and have only minor twisting of two fingers. I wear the resting splints at night a couple times a week and especially if I have swelling. They go from fingertip to almost my elbow. I always take them off in my sleep. I try to wear the ring splints everyday for a bit. It would be even better if I wore them all day but I get annoyed with them. I've had them for about three years.

Serena Alston 3 years

Serena Alston thank you! This gives me hope would you mind sharing pics of yours?

Adriana Pittman 3 years

Adriana Pittman I don't have a pic of my resting hand splints, but I have one of my ring splints!


Serena Alston 3 years

Where can they be purchased

Sue Lord

My were done by a company that my RA doctor used, they make them in different designs depending which joints need to be stabilizing. The name of the company is The silver splint.

Blanca Richardson 3 years

Susu Wilkins 3 years

Thank you

Sue Lord 3 years

These were done by this company twenty years ago, not sure if they have improved their design since then.


Blanca Richardson 3 years

Yes where can they be purchased, let's get an answer from someone who has them

Nancy Easley

What these actually do for you? Keep damage from happening?

Tracey Castaneda


Adriana Pittman 3 years

Probably just at those targeted joints, but not the knuckles. Those are not going to help the knuckles from getting deformities

Lina Major 3 years

Lina Major Rats

Tracey Castaneda 3 years

Correctoes until I getmy surgery in May


Lina Major